Yahoo Collectively Is A New Messaging App That Organizes Chats …

Yahoo Messenger has already been discontinued, but the company behind it has released a new messaging app. Called Yahoo Together, the new app is designed specifically for group chats and users will be able to organize their messages based on topics.

Yahoo Together was previously known as Squirrel when it was being beta tested a few months ago. The new messaging app tries to differentiate itself by organizing chats based on topics. Users will be in charge of organizing their group messages for whatever reason they have. For example, a user will be able to create a group chat specifically for family members or co-workers. They will then be able to name that chat based on a topic so that conversation will be focused on that.

“In many apps, you have a set of people, and then a single thread,” Oath Inc. vice president and head of communications products Michael Albers told TechCrunch. “What’s unique to Yahoo Together is that it allows you to create long running groups, but create an infinite amount of separate topics to organize conversations, and where helpful, limit access to some of those topics to a subset of the group.”

Like all other messaging apps that are available today, Yahoo Together comes with all of the same bells and whistles that everyone likes. This includes the ability share photos and videos. The app is also able to create a library of photos and videos that are shared within a group. Users are also able to send GIFs, links and put reactions on messages that they’ve received.

Another useful feature of Yahoo Together is that users will be able to set smart reminders for shared calendars. This would be very useful for users who may be organizing an upcoming event and need to coordinate with their friends or their co-workers. This feature appears to have been borrowed from Slack, as pointed out by Android Police.

The app also comes with a powerful search tool, which makes it a lot easier to find specific conversations. Unfortunately, the new app still doesn’t have support for making calls. Yahoo and Oath Inc. will likely introduce more features in the near future as the app continues to change with software updates.

Yahoo Together is available now from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. There’s no desktop app or web version available at the moment.

Yahoo Together Yahoo’s new messaging app organizes group chats based on topics. Photo: Yahoo

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