Which Automobile Was Killed Earlier than it Might Succeed?

From Road & Track

Throughout automotive history there have been a handful of cars that could’ve succeeded, but never got the chance. Whether they were neutered of their greatness or discontinued entirely, these cars were killed before they could truly be great. Which car do you think deserved a second chance?

Personally, I think the Gumpert Apollo could’ve been something more than a footnote in German supercar history. It had real performance, even breaking the Nurburgring lap record back when it was new. But a weird name and questionable styling meant people weren’t interested, and eventually, it was discontinued for good, which is a real shame.

Now we’d like to know: Which car do you think could’ve been great had it not gotten the axe? It doesn’t have to be something exotic like the Gumpert, either-it could be anything, as long as you think it had the potential for greatness. Let us know in the comments below.

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