Timing chain alternative Hyundai Sonata 2006-2009 GLS 2.4L DOHC Set up Take away Substitute

Timing chain replacement Hyundai Sonata 2006 GLS 2.4L DOHC Install Remove Replace 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Kia Optima Kia Rondo Kia Sorento Hyundai …


  1. Best thing I found to do my water pump!

  2. 12:35 … what size are the 12 point bolts????

  3. Just wondering how do you support the engine after you pull the motor mount, I am at the step where i need to remove the oil pan but if drop the jack i will have no room to work on the cover? thanks for the great video.

  4. Hi, thanks for the helpful video. Can you please describe how the problem had manifested itself in this case?

  5. Hey Im working on a 06 or 07 kia optima with same motor etc….here's one for ya a kid had towed to me motor wouldn't turn at all right…well I asked what happened right before he said his gf bumped it into neutral on cruise control so he put it back in drive and then lost power…..okay so I managed to get enough torque to spin motor back maybe 18 of a turn then it started but ran rough an blew heavy white smoke chain is still on you think it stretched and jumped time or valve job too

  6. Thank you man for the detailed video, I hope that other Mechanics learn how to make videos like yours. 👍👍👍👌👌

  7. where can you get and what is the oiler for the chain that was damaged called, descricption

  8. i loved it when you dropped your wrench it shows the truth about reality = nobody is perfect

  9. Thank you very much bro. You help me a lot.! Now im going to remove the cylinder head.

  10. What was the milage on this car? Was it maintained well? Just curious.

  11. I didn't see the new tube replacement for the damaged tube that drips oil on the chain…you did a great job

  12. Thought My 05, 2.4 Was A Joke,W/ prob.Worst INTEFERENCE Eng.Made,But Idiot [email protected] Hyundai Thought Of How to Ruin A T.Chain Eng.,Also,Which Are Usually Minimal Serv. LOL

  13. may want to suggest changing water pump while you are there…

  14. I would like to see the same on the hyundai santafe 2008. 3.3

  15. How you guys put up with having to work on the front wheel drive shit is beyond me. What a pain in the ass. I think I'm gonna buy a 58 Chevy so I can actually work on the sob!!!

  16. From a former engine builder……………….if this belt is meant to keep the cam "in time" with the crank how can it do that if it's not a cog belt? I don't get it??

  17. Muy buen vídeo, donde consigo los kit de repuestos y el kit de la transmisión automática. Very good video, where I get the spare parts kit and the automatic transmission kit.

  18. how much would a job like this cost iam thinking about getting a 08 with a 2.4

  19. what was the mileage when replaced

  20. good job, but  hate too see   what  a shop  would cost  too  do   this   job!

  21. thanks brother for the video…..

  22. one think how come oil in water ???

  23. I have the 2.4 sonata.. and there is a p0011 code… The motor is making a ticking noise. The question is if the timing chain is at the correct alignment marks what else could it be before I dive into this?

  24. Thanks for posting/sharing this info. I hope I'll never need to do it. LOL

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