The best way to Repair Windshield Wipers (Motor Substitute) in Your Automobile

Windshield wiper motor replacement. How to replace wiper blade motor in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to fix broken windshield wiper blades by …


  1. ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Large Screwdriver:
    2. Power Probe:
    3. Hammer:
    4. Ratchet and socket set:
    5. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    6. Wrench Set:
    7. Disposable Gloves:
    8. Common Sense
    9. Full HD Camera:
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  2. My wiper motor only work on one speed could help me find the problem

  3. Hey, very easy to understand…. but my wiper come on when I start my car up and I had to cut it off by the lever, could you tell me whats going on…. Thanks.

  4. windshield wiper linkage repair for 04 Chevy Cavalier

  5. My wipers won't turn off. Would it still be the motor? Or something else?

  6. @Scotty kilmer what does it mean if the motor goes down before it goes up? Wipers stay in middle of the windshield after they are turned off. Tried changing the position of the arm but for some reason the motor works backwards if that makes sense.

  7. I really need some help I have a 1991 camaro and the wipers work but they don't go up and down all the way just a couple inches I have a video on my channel of it

  8. Holy shit I love the enthusiasm!!!! Thanks haha amaizing

  9. Use (blue) Loctite upon reassembly and also a good time to change those blades! Great video Scotty, you make everything look easy!!

  10. what did i do wrong if the wipers are going to wrong way.. the old motor was out so i replaced it. hooked it up like you said to find the right spot so i can bolt on my wipers, and the first thing they wont to do is go towards the truck motor.. i have burned up 2 wiper motors so far, could you help me with this please.. oh, and you are a down to earth kinda person on all your videos i have watched, thank you and keep up the great work..

  11. Hi Scotty. tonight, while driving home in freezing rain, the wipers went up to the up position and then just stopped. Interm., slow, and fast, nothing works. Just stuck in the up position. Oh, they do a little jerky move(like a twitch) twice a minute . Any ideas? (Car is 1993 Ford Thunderbird). Then, later in the night, I turned the key on and the wipers went back down. We turned them on slow, fast, and in intermit,. All work as expected.

  12. does this work on a pontiac?

  13. Scotty u never fix the old part?? Its very costly. Why cant u fix one for me !! Nice detailing though !!!

  14. This guy is amazing! He is so concise and there is no wasted garbage in every single one of his videos that I have watched so far. I am a new fan and I would just like to say thank you to Scotty.
    I’m learning a lot and I’m taking on projects I never would have before.

  15. If it's a bad motor would the motor still make a noise as if it's running? I think either my motor is bad or the linkage broke

  16. Ya know what I like about you? You're concise, incredibly so. The only words in there? Those are the exact ones I need –no droning.

  17. When I turn mine on I hear the motor spin, but the blades don't move. Just happened this morning. Before that they worked perfectly. It's as if something that connects them to the motor isn't even there. Is it possible for a car wash to pull on them well enough to damage something? Recently I went through one that pulls the car through and some of the wipers move against the car in an upward motion; seemingly gently.

  18. hi Scotty. where do you purchase that battery tester ? thanks.

  19. Scotty, surprised you did not lubricate the linkage ? 😕

  20. Hello. Please tell me how much motors for infinity g20 year 2002. Thanks so much

  21. I have power wen i push the butten for onetime wipe but no power wen i turn the switch to continues wiping the relay for the on power clicks but the hi and low relay dose not click could it be the BCM bicuse the gas Gage those not work it alwas on emty and some times it gose to full?

  22. Thank you so much for this video. It gave us the confidence to tackle the job ourselves instead of paying hundreds to someone else. In our case it turned out that the motor was ok, but part of the mechanism under the plastic cover was siezed up. It worked like brand new once we loosened it up, though in the process we broke part of the plate that attaches to the car and had to fashion an extra plate to slide over the top to keep it all together!
    With that success under our belt we're thinking about tackling the non-working electric window next.
    Vehicle: 2003 Daewoo Nubira.

  23. Thanks you Scotty I fixed My Volvo s40

  24. I checked my fuses, relays and stuck a hot wire to the motor and it functioned. is this a sign of bad wiring? Or could it be my ecm, because the same thing has happened to my radiator cooling fan. '02 Mercury Cougar

  25. hey that's my exact van … great video… scotty you are much more help than any bigwigs on tv … your a real person … god bless and keep up the good work!

  26. 2005 sunfire the wiper on the passenger side doesn't work but the driver side does. Is the motor needing replaced or just corrosion on the wiper arm that needs to be cleaned?

  27. only one wiper works on my 1992 camry the passenger side is fine not the driver side

  28. What do you do if it was the wires and not the motor?

  29. my son lifted up one of my wipers to get the ice off I think he lifted it to far do I need a new motor or how can I fix it

  30. doesn't that apply for a 92 chevy lumina van

  31. I have a 04 Hyundai Tiburon GT SE my front wipers only work on high setting, i have changed the wiper relay and the switch. Do you have any idea o what it could be. Thank you

  32. I have an '02 mini Cooper and the wipers stopped working completely but then a day later they started working but they are very slow and noisy, is it bad motor or anything else? they seem to struggle a bit

  33. Hey Scotty, my wipers will turn up but they will get stuck in the up position and I would have to get out of the car and out them down myself

  34. do you know what that adjusting screw is for on that dodge wiper motor? thanks

  35. hi, '96 caravan. replaced the wiper motor but it wont continue to park after turning off… thanks

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