Superior Desk – Show Google Spreadsheet knowledge

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  1. hi
    it seems update is there in awesome table site
    having difficulty in uploading and making one
    kindly help

  2. can you post a link to this template?

  3. After you added the HTML & styles the header bar dissapeared from your spreadsheet view, how can you get it back AFTER applying custom styles (or a Template)?

  4. I had trouble understanding the narrator, esp. at 0:10 until 0:16 I hear the word jews then not sure. It was hard for me to understand again at 1:45 until :150. Maybe subtitles will help me and other native english speakers understand what she is saying?
    Overall I think it looks helpful so thank you. Thanks, gracias, grazie.

  5. This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. I have just tried it with my sheet containing over 36000 records and it displays and sorts the data in seconds – incredible!

    Using stringFilter, is there a way to display exact matches only? If I want to only display "123" is it possible to do that without giving me 1123, 1234, 41235 as well?

  6. Excellent video and application!
    I have a doubt . I don't know what I have to write in the second sheet that you called "basic template" if I just want to get to align all my columns in the center.

  7. Dear Romain! Greta work. But please can you help me and say how to insert the table into my google site. I just finished my table and git the code, but i don't know exactly how and where i have to write down the code….

    Thank you very much!

  8. Impresionado, yo no soy programador pero de apoco comienzo a entender las maravillas que permite awasome -table

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