Spark Plug Alternative: Toyota / Lexus three.0L V6

Here’s how to replace the spark plugs on a Toyota with the 3.0L V6 1MZ-FE engine. The procedure is the same for the Solara, Camry, Avalon, Lexus ES300 and …


  1. Great job unlike the video that said you have to take half the motor apart.

  2. Good job but may I suggest also using a torque wrench; snug means different things to different people. Also you may want to use dielectric grease on the boot fittings and spark plug wire connections. Good use of the anti-seize compound shows that you only need a little.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to film and explain. I just successfully changed my spark plugs on a 1997 Toyota Camry V6.
    Tip! Make your life easier: use multiple 'universal swivel joints' and 3" + 6" extensions. Easier to remove, torque, and saves your hands.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!

  4. Interstate battery… Daayumn

  5. you did NOT have to remove the cover, unplug the coils,take off the pcv, use anti seize, you should have used the nippon denso plugs not ngk. you also didn't need to unhook rehook battery cable, reinstall pcv and cover. So much unnecessary things you are doing.

  6. Thank you I thought I was going to have to take so much more apart to do the rear spark plugs

  7. I can’t remove it with the hexagon piece lol

  8. is the cover suppose to be tight

  9. went to a mechanic, said he will have to remove the entire manifold to get to the rear plugs,plus he asked for a small fortune for the work, instead, i used this video as a reference to remove them myself and keep the money, honesly it doesnt look that hard, just very finicky

  10. What is the best spark if A for the 1MZFE engine in a 1997 toyota camry xle v6

  11. Will the new spark plugs make the car accelerate faster?

  12. the 70k plugs i removed from my highlander are almost like new….after watching this video i think i will recycle those plugs and use them on my camry…..its not a big job

  13. You are my hero. Doing God’s work thank you

  14. Great I saw this video after I pulled the manifold smh

  15. Much appreciated. I followed your youtube to complete my Avalon 98 spark plugs replacement. Excellent video and instruction.You saved me quite a money. Thanks again.

  16. Just did this job for my v6 camry 1996 and I got to say this video was really helpful…I know this job at a mechanic will be well over $250 dollars so I decided to do this myself. I was nervous at first but then I just said 'fuck it'. Followed step by step instructions to the 'T'. When I finished I started the car and it sounded better than before. No misfires or anything like that. Only spent $100 dollars for the spark plugs. Saved myself some money. Thank you once again!

  17. Well done vid. Love the cut-off hockey stick. That's what I use, too.

  18. You should use torque rancher, you can’t just put it, it will affect the engine.

  19. Great job… what pain in the _ getting in behind there!

  20. Thanks that was a lot of help.

  21. my back hurts just watching this. Something was missing though…….oh yeah, lots of swearing. I'm sure when I do mine I'll make up for you

  22. Hey dude, it looks like these guys stole your video. You probably want to ask YT to take it down.

  23. Great video! Doing my spark plugs today as my first time on my own and couldn’t feel any more confident after this video!

  24. Thank you very much for this video, just done my MCV20 last week. It's cramped and is PITA to get your hands in there, but I can confirm this is completely do-able by DIYers.

    My next task is to do both upstream O2 sensors

  25. Thanks for the video. You described the process clearly and it was well shown in the video. I followed it precisely. Fortunately I had different lengths of extension bars which is a necessity I think.

  26. Damn, I'm lucky that I drive a Corolla where they all sit on the top.

  27. Great tutorial. but are you sure you can do this on a 2002 RX300 without removing the plenum or should I use your other video that shows plenum removal? Both videos are boss by the way. You are helping a lot of people out with your videos, hats off to you sir.

  28. Hi there

    can you please list down all the tools that you used in this video?

    thanks for your help!

  29. How can I change the rear spark plugs on 1996 Camry (3VZ-FE) engine without removing the plenum? Thank you

  30. I just finished changing them on my daughter's 2002 Camry V6. Not only was it a PITA, it was also a pain on my hands, wrists and forearms.

    Even after reading Yu Shao's comments below on his 2002, I still had great difficulty with the middle and driver side plugs on the rear. Like him, I was unable to get the torque needed to unscrew those 2 plugs from below the intake manifold, even using his "spark plug socket + u-joint + 12 inch extension + ratchet". I couldn't get the angle I needed.

    What did work for me on both the middle and driver plugs was a spark plug socket + 3 inch extension + u-joint + ratchet. That put the u-joint at the top of the spark plug tube.

    For the middle plug, I used an 18 inch long 1/2 inch rachet wrench with a reducer to 3/8 and a 24 inch 3/8 extension into the u-joint. I went in from the passenger side under the intake manifold. That gave me enough room and torque to break loose the plug. I then used a stubby 3/8 ratchet wrench to finish removing the plug.

    For the driver side plug, I went between the intake manifold and the throttle body with a 12 inch extension into the u-joint at the top of the spark plug tube. Once I broke it loose, I kept using the ratchet wrench until the plug was easy to turn, then I reached around and behind the throttle body to loosen it the rest of the way and remove the bolt.

    For these 2 plugs only, I added a small amount of anti-sieze. Those plugs were somewhat seized and almost impossible to get at. The other 4 plugs came out easily with a regular size 3/8 ratchet wrench.

    A word of caution on those back coils. The rubber washer that sits on the top of the spark plug tube and under the "head" of the coil did NOT come out with the coil. Make sure you FEEL FOR them as you're pulling the coil out of the spark plug tube! Being out of sight, they're VERY easy to lose!

    On the passenger and middle coils, 2 of them fell behind the motor. Happily one fell to the ground. The other was lodged somewhere on the back side of the engine. Luckily, it was easy to find by jacking up the car and looking from below.

    On the driver side coil, it stayed at the top of the plug tube and I only noticed it when I was trying to get the old plug out. At first, I thought I had pulled out the spark plug tube seal!! Scary. I compared it to one of the front coils and realized it was part of the coil! Whew!!

    One other note. I have thin forearms and small to medium size hands. If you have big hands or forearms, I would only
    try this if you can use Eric The Car Guy's method of rolling the car forward with your automatic transmission in Park and setting the hand brake when the car is all the way forward. (I couldn't do that, as the emergency brakes wouldn't hold the car in place! Guess what my next project is!) Even an extra half inch would have saved me a lot of skin!

    I did the passenger and middle plugs from the passenger side of the car. I do NOT think big forearms would fit under the intake manifold. If you can get an extra inch or so behind the engine, you might be able to replace the middle plug from the driver side of the car by going behind the intake manifold.

  31. 2003 V6 Toyota Camry 1MZ-FE – Spark plug and ignition coil replacement! Use these instructions. DO NOT REMOVE AIR TANK!

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