Serpentine Belts Substitute Chrysler PT Cruiser

In this video we show how to change worn serpentine belts in a Chrysler PT Cruiser. If you have any further interest please visit …


  1. Do you tighten the alternator adjustment bolt back to where it was or ???

  2. I would like to know if they make shipments of spare parts, since I need a dual mass flywheel I am from Peru I have a chrysler pt cruiser 2.4 l turbo from 2003 mechanical box ayundeme please

  3. Hi I would like to know the measurement of the belts, I am from Peru to be able to buy similar ones here

  4. how much does this cost to be repaired by a mechanic

  5. what is the name of the first belt or what is the 1st serpintine belt fpr cause thats the one I need

  6. very very easy got both done in about 15 to 20 minutes.. i was on the driveway with no ramps… I had a 15mm socket 3 in extension and 15 wrench and got it done. . Thanks for the video.. I also didn't even take off the plastic shielding just cut the wheel all the way to the right…

  7. i have a high output alt on my pt cruiser and the dam shop put a belt that was to big on, so i get belt slip when the alt is under high load.. I was going to go to a shop to get a smaller belt put on but i think i can do it my self now..

  8. worked like a charm after I figured out that I was positioning the first belt the wrong way.

  9. What the torque specs on the adjusting screw

  10. I watched the video, got excited on my first repair mission. As soon as I open the hood, I realized that it was time to go the mechanic. Let the professionals do what they are trained for. Even if I locate the bolts specified in the video, there would be no ways to reach them. Great video if you are in a mechanic shop and need references.

  11. What's the point of a tutorial with out measurements for tension on the installed belt. you go through the importance of it not being too tight or too loose on the alternator and move right on.

  12. What would be the average cost to have a timing belt replaced at a shop?

  13. is there a specific torque for setting the alternator adjusting screw tightness?

  14. Hello
    Thanks a lot at first for this AWESOME video who will help me tomorrow a lot because today my serpentine belt has something her degraded.
    PLEASE can you with one link or a picture , better show me WHERE are the 2 bolts to light unscrewing ?
    Because i m not sure about the right position from what you explain
    Thanks a lot in forward ( From FRANCE ) if it s possible.

  15. Great. Now how do you get the altenator out?

  16. Very helpful video it help me a lot ,thank you.

  17. I didn't even unbolt the alternator i just cranked the engine and used a flathead screwdriver and sliped off the old and on the new.

  18. Why do you loosen the alternator mounting bolts? Shouldn't just loosening the adjustment bolt let you get the belt off? And when putting the belt back on the alternator, why would you use the adjustment bolt before tightening the mounting bolts?

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