samsung galaxy grand prime contact display substitute

how to change samsung galaxy grand prime touch screen Fb Page/


  1. Bhi Market me lcd ka or touch ka Kya price hai ??????

  2. thank you- my repair was successful. only screw up was a partial fingerprint between digitizer and screen. Next time I'll be more careful

  3. wow this looks like a total pain in the ass. I think i'd rather pay someone to do it

  4. 19:23 Where did you get it? PLEASE HELP

  5. Yo my man, thanks, you didn't need sound to know what to do. I fixed my screen exactly how you did it. Nice one!

  6. Hello!can you do a video for mini samsung galaxy replacement screen?thks

  7. bhi mera grand prime plus kal toot gaya kaam theek krha hai pr laime agai hai ye kitna me theek hoga repair ka me shop pr jawab dena muje plzs

  8. Mera mobile ke power key nahi kam kar raha hai samsung 531

  9. do u have a fucking clue what ur doing ? bcuz all this dude does is ruin his phone & nearly cut his finger off. dont do whatever this idiot does …not ever

  10. Eres un desastre para desarmar ese teléfono

  11. next time put your camera on phone…. now we can see just your table bro….

  12. i want u guys fix my phone

  13. bhai Samsung Galaxy a5 2016 h kya

  14. i did the procedure as described. i put everything in place and the phone is working but the lcd-digitalizer is not working, its not lighting at all. The phone turns on and off-i can tell by the buzz it does every time but the lcd dosnt seem to work. Its a brant new one. What could possibly be wrong?

  15. Why are you removing the motherboard? If you are repairing just the touch screen you stupid ?

  16. i wish i could fix my phone like that😯

  17. Do I really need an heat gun or can I use an hair dryer too?

  18. thanks, thanks for the beautiful video. I wanted to ask you something. my back button does not work anymore, it depends on the touch? or the two touch keys have a flat apart? that is, in a few words, I wanted to know if I replaced the touch screening

  19. Apparently if you're recording a video you do the most important part outside of camera range -_-

  20. good men 😊😊😊😊

  21. boss mere grand prime 4g ki neeche ki touch kaam nhi kr rhi h home kye k side wali dono kya kaise hogi thk plzzz reply

  22. the phone isnt at the center of the video, hard to see what he is doing for inexperienced people…

  23. Some of the steps were done outside the range of camera and there was no audio (sound) to explain your steps.
    Other than that, a basically informative video.
    Only problem is, with out explanation and a few shots out of range, it keeps me guessing!
    Thanks 4 the video!

  24. How do i fix the touch screen problem touching on its own

  25. I've done this 3x on this phone. There is no need to remove any screws. The digitizer and LCD are held on with adhesive. You just have to remove the small grey rectangular access panel on the upper left side (behind the back cover) to undo the cable connector for the LCD. The digitizer is connected to the LCD.

  26. This video, along with comparing others on Youtube, helped give me the guts to tear down my phone and replace a very broken screen. Thanks much!

  27. how to work my samsung grandfrime the touch screen is not work

  28. I have a question.. so I cracked the glass of the phone so can I just repair it by just buying the top glass or should I also buy a new LCD screen?

  29. lol. buy a newhone. that was long time. not worth the time. rich or poor.

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  31. this video did nothing but encourage me to wait another year with the cracked screen and then buy a new phone 😀 😛

  32. It's obviously not English I thank him for this video

  33. Nice! I tried it like u did but I fucked up my lcd screen the first time, did it too rough 😛 I bought a new one for 30euro so now I have a new lcd and touch screen glass.
    But what are the white stripes on your screen when you replaced it??

  34. Apparently no phone repairs in the history of the world have been done while speaking.

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