Pt.1 Yamaha F250 Outboard Water Pump Impeller Alternative At D-Ray’s Store

These outboards are huge! But dont let their size fool ya, they are easy to replace an impeller on. I’ll show ya how. Have a goodun’ D-Ray.


  1. Nice video D-Ray..!! Short and to the point. Thanks….!!

  2. I followed this video, however after re installing the lower unit on my 70hp 2 stroke yami, Reverse sometimes just doesn't engage. Nothing is grinding or anything, it seems like the linkage isn't lined up?

  3. Great video. Very good explanation. Thanks for putting this together.

  4. 2:28 what falls out by your right hand? Extra parts?

  5. I am attempting to do the service on a 1993 250 Yamaha and the lower unit seem stuck. It doesn't want to let go the top. What can you tell me?

  6. What size tools did you used in the first screw that you remove

  7. Do you have a video of how to remove the prop shaft from this particular engine?

  8. Great video, very helpful. We tried reaching out to you as we included a link to this video in our blog. If you like we can send it over.

  9. Awesome video. Detailed simple and to the point. Both part 1 and 2 were easy to follow. Great job.

  10. It's not a trim tab it's actually called a zinc and saves your boat from electrolysis

  11. I like DRay, good info, easy to listen to. Heads up, if you have a long shaft engine like my Yam F150 is, you need to remove bolts on upper portion of spacer to line up your shifter

  12. That was really good, thank you

  13. Thanks for posting–did you first drain the lower gear case oil, or is that necessary?

  14. good to know. every tips should be usefull for obm users

  15. Why do you have to change housing, stainless steel housing, impeller and bolts every year…?

  16. What are the torque specs for the bolts? Any thread sealant or antisieze required? Anything else to check while in there like blowing air through the speedo hole? Is there any sealant required between case faces?? First time on a f250 for me today.

  17. D,, been a while , from my last view ,,,but you still rock bro,,,,    good stuffff!!!!     kodi

  18. Enjoy all the helpful videos! I have a problem with batteries over charging. 2002 yamaha F225 TXRB / 69J Four Stroke/ Thinking regulator is bad. goes to 17 volts at >1500rpm and Gage is flashing . Do you have any videos on changing this out? Thanks- Preston

  19. D-Ray, I see this and part 2 are older videos, still relevant though and THANKS for them both. I do have to say though I was REALLY hoping to see how you handled that "KEYWAY" (woodruff key) that is under the impeller!!! LOTS of stuff online complaining about getting those things UNSTUCK!!! Cheers, Capt Paul

  20. Hey D-ray I have a 00' Yamaha 150 vmax and when I took of the lower unit, I notice the lower unit shaft, there where some fluid dripping down the shaft which smells like fuel. I look inside the hole where the shaft goes in, I can see streaks of slight dark lines dripping down from it and as well smell like fuel. I don't think this is normal, what do you think the cause of this could be. I took the cowling off and notice some fuel on the bottom of the engine and what seems like may be the carburetors leaking a little bit.

  21. Will this process work the same way for a 1995 F50TLR?

  22. Do you think you could omit the part of finding the direction of the shaft rotation since the cut out for the key way in the pump won't let you put it in up side down?

  23. Just wanted to throw you a compliment for having nicely edited (short) videos that get to the point, and not tons of unneeded talk. Very few people take the time to cut a 30 min job down to a 2 min vid, and that is what makes your easy and nice to watch.

  24. Would this be same process on a 2008 F150? Things things set u the same or similarly?

  25. D-Ray, man you did that. Thank you brother, I have a tapping sound in my lower unit. I am thinking the impeller is going bad. The tapping is coming from where the shaft connects to the engine, so I will be checking and greasing everything.

  26. Thank you for this video, it helped a lot

  27. Great Video!
    Something fell out of the lower unit @ 2:30 what was that an "extra" part… j/k

  28. Thank you so much for your video. My1995 yamaha pro v 150 had been sitting for over 6 years after it had been under water after the dam had busted on the pond that I lived on. When I first tried to re start it after changing out the fuel I noticed the water was not pumping out of the pisser, I changed the entire pump assembly using your video as a guide, thankfully now I have good water flow. Unfortunately, now I can only keep my motor running with the choke on. and it over heats after about 4 mins. Thinking I need to clean the carbs and the jets but I cant find any videos on the yamahas, If you have anything, I would love to see it. Also, in your opinion, do you think my over heating is due to the fact that the choke is on causing the engine to burn too rich?
    Any help will be appreciated thanks.

  29. Before getting ready to disassemble, run the engine in reverse and kill it, this may help when removing the lower unit if the drive shaft spline has wear.

  30. good video ,The impeller is marked, they have lines on the bottom that show the direction they are supposed to bend. circles on the top. The key way slot in the impeller will only let it go on one way.

  31. Great video! I have a Yamaha 60Hp from 2008 (4-stroke of course), and I wonder if there is a gear shift linkage that I have to loosen before removing the lower unit? If so, do you know if there is a video of this procedure? Don't want to accidentally ruin something 🙂

  32. Great video, but a little confused. Why is is so important to check the impeller direction if you can not but it on upside downs? I missed that part? Is it to make sure you have the correct impeller? Sorry if this is a dumb question!

  33. Thanks for the heads up! That is actually a glitch with YouTube, not the editor. this problem has just happened in the last few days. I have about 30 videos with this same problem, and are working with them to correct it. Thanks!

  34. Good tutorial but your editor chose the wrong screen size when converting the clip to .mp4. Have your editor check the master footage to make sure the edit program screen size settings conform to the original footage.

  35. when all was done the impeller worked great but not 1999 150 will not shift. help?

  36. yn i did the impeller on a 99 VMAX 150. there was a collar i needed to remove to get to the impeller. does this mean it has never been changed, and do i need to put it back in ? Great video tks

  37. THE BEST EXPLANATION..THANKS FROM ARGENTINA.Can you tell me which propeller is mounted on this 250 yamaha?

  38. found your video as i needed info to work on my 225…wanted to say this was extremely helpful! Then i looked at your other vids and got addicted and didnt realize rednecks in Arkansas were that similar to us here in Alabama LOL Nice shop and hope business is good for you. Look forward to seeing more

  39. Thanks for taking the time – great help.

  40. can you do a video on winterizing? one mechanic told me that they add a little 2 stroke oil to the fuel filter so a little oil can run up into the fuel injectors.

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