Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix) Belt Tensioner Substitute

Pontiac Vibe / Toyota Matrix / Toyota Corolla 1.8L 1zz-fe Belt Tensioner Replacement. This is a “How I did it” not a “How to do it” video. You can buy the …


  1. Thank you for filming and sharing. I was able to fix my son's car today. I am not a mechanic by any definition of the word, but your detailed video allowed me to be one for this project. All the best. Thanks again.

  2. I bought instruction from Avasva and I build it very very cheap.

  3. Where did you get tensioner at

  4. So jacking it up there isnt any hard lines that will get kinked or bent, as well as hoses?

  5. Having had 2 Vibes (Matrix) and still having one, I have done several of these. Two suggestions: 1–remove the top shroud it gives you a lot more room (it is held by 2 x 10mm bolts and 2 x push rivets),,,,,2–use purple (low strength) LocTite on all bolts replaced. Just suggestions from a former ASE Master Tech (12 years),,,,good video….PS–I don;t like the oil pan lift so I lifted the motor by the cradle and put a small wood block between the mount and the frame.

  6. Could you over explain what wrenches you used anymore. Just do it and stop over talking it. If someone is going to do it themselves they might know how to use tools.

  7. Can anyone tell what a wire goes to

  8. +SevenFortyOne The pitching/twisting of the engine when torque applied was much greater before the tensioner repair? Almost like you put a new mount on.

  9. Thanks for the video. Was a great help!

  10. Thanks your the great video. I wound up having the mechanic next door help and do it. He didn't remove the top bolt on the motor mount but all was well. Mine has been chattering for at least 6 months and was great to rid of it. I have the same model year and same color. I bought a Gates and was around  $ 90 bucks from amazon. Cheers !

  11. THANK YOU so much for posting this video AND for including the sound it was making. I've been chasing this sound for at least a month or two in my 2003 Vibe. Makes awful noise when cold, just like yours. I was convinced it was exhaust because of how someone described it like a "farting noise". But then I could hear it when I opened the hood. Anyways, thanks a ton for including the sound and for including the solve (engine lift) for how to get that bolt out past the frame rail!!!! Very helpful. Can't wait to FIX THIS!

  12. I have to replace my Alternator this week, I think this might explain my chattering, well shit time to do the Tensioner as well!

  13. how common are these to give way?

  14. how can you release the tensioner when the nut is broke off?

  15. Okay in trying to replace leaky timing chain tensioner ran into a problem the belt tension er is in way,will need to slide it out around 1 inch to change the timing chain tensioner ,,,mine seems to have even less room than your vibe to work….my tensioner bolt seems to be welded and am afraid i will snap it off,,,can't torch it or even use blaster…. i have a 2 foot breaker bar with 17mm impact socket but frame of car is inch to close….if i unbolt the side mount which looks just like vibes how high will engine be able to go? i just replace the rear engine mount other day car is still on stands…i guess i could even remove bolt that goes through rubber bushing in rear mount if i need to…I need to rise my motor around 3 inches …any ideas are appreciated… thanks

  16. this motor seems the same as motor in 2002 celica gts i just bought,,,,that leak you showed at beginning is probably a bad timing chain tensioner O-ring,,,i need to replace mine just figured it out from watching some video's…to replace belt all you need to do is use a breaker bar to release tension?Correct? this video was excellent help…. I have always got great satisfaction in fixing as much stuff as humanly possible…thanks

  17. I think it is my tensioner too. When I put it in gear it makes a noise and reverse, same noise. It sounds kinda like burping or farting, my nephew says. When my neighbor replace the alternator and belt, he jack lifted the engine which I think teared the engine mount and making that noise.

  18. Hi mi name is Jonathan and i have a 2004 toyota matrix and i try to replace the belt tensioner and it seems to be totaly locked i can not get any tension from this what could be the problem maybe its defective from factory or im doing it wrong??! thank and sorry my english is not that good lol

  19. Very good video!!!
    This is the same problem with my Corolla, the noise is a same with engine cold

  20. Thanks in advance, great videos

  21. 2009 2. 4 engine is interference or non-interference

  22. Does the vibe gt 2.4 have a timing belt or chain

  23. 741 Thank you for the video.My name is Alexandr. I live in Russia. I have bought Pontiac Vibe 1.8/ 2004.I like this car.Made in California:)) My question is: What will be happen if belt breaks while driving, what should I do? Is it nesessarly replace tansioner simultaniusly with belt? Thank you.

  24. ADVICE GUYS. I'm planin to buy a used 2003-2005 Toyota Matrix with 200k miles on it. Is this car dependable overall?
    What are the parts that broken down often with costly repairs? How reliable is the manual transmission? What model year
    should I avoid, I heard 03-04 Matrixs are no good. I am a self-taught mechanic, I fix the car up myself except for the timing
    belt change I let the shop do it. So minor fixer-upper is no big deal to me. Your advice is appreciated.

  25. 2zzge looks like less space but I guess it is pretty same .Thanks for very good video

  26. Hi, thanks for posting great videos. The belt on my matrix when parked seems a bit loose since my last visit to the garage. I mentioned to the guy who replaced an alternator for me, and he said it is fine, and that when car is running it should go back to normal. Is the belt tensioner automatic? So it will adjust when starting the car, right? Thanks.

  27. My wife's 2003 Vibe had the same rattling sound at cold when put in drive or reverse.  Didn't find any problems with the plastic engine cover or heat shields vibrating so ordered a new belt and tensioner figuring with over 90K miles time to replace anyway.  Voila – solved the problem!   Thanks for the detailed video.  Tips on disconnecting the motor mount and jacking the engine especially helpful.

  28. Good video thanks, my 04 matrix makes very same noise,I wish you had put your vibe in drive and reverse after the repair to see the change ,again thanks .

  29. Thank you SO MUCH for actually including the sound!!  So many vids have the phrase "It was making noise so heres how to replace"….AAARRRGGH!  Stay gold.

  30. do you live beside an oval track? Good job on video btw

  31. My 2003 Vibe sounds just like yours used to. I thought maybe it was my exhaust rattling against something since I replaced it all not too long ago, and the sound seemed to start around the same time, but it looks like it's actually the tensioner. Thanks for making this how-to video; it will come in handy when I get the parts!

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