Mercedes E320 Fog Gentle Substitute

I replaced the broken fog lamp assembly on my 2005 Mercedes E320 CDI. Tools: – 8mm socket – T25 Torx driver: Parts: Osram H11 bulb …


  1. Good video! I love when the every guy who's a layman posts a video solving a problem that can save all of us DIYers a chunk of money. The dealer would have hammered you for $300 bucks top do this job. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Hi, have you tried using LED fog light? I wonder to know if "Check Lamp" on dashboard if changed. Do you need any resistor to avoid canbus error? Thanks.

  3. What ever reward gifted to the camera person it is way too little. Great focus on the center of attention. Love your enthusiasm about your MB. Just purchased an 99 e300. It was a rash decision and my first car in 15 years and my 6th MB. After watching your video I feel much better about the purchase even with a looming $6k repair. Did not notice coolant smell in air vents. That repair is postponed till….now it's front shimmy and breaks
    Somehow seeing you check the battery voltage through the CC made it all worth it.

  4. Cuckoo's Nest! Look at this video on 3:38. You will see a techno-holes with 2 screws for replace a bulbs, also fog-lights. By the way, Russians will be displace a bumper to replace a fog-light bulb 😀

  5. that was an awesome video. i was wondering how to cling those hooks inside… thanks mate….

  6. Great video. Just replaced mine, but did not have to remove the panel shown in the video. I was able to turn the front wheel all the way away, loosen fender shroud, and done. If you need an extra hand, there is an access panel under the fog light, in the large underside shroud this video shows being removed. A simple turn of a flat screwdriver opens the access from below. Obviously engineered in to make replacing a burned out bulb a piece of cake.

  7. Considering that your car was not lifted on the jack, you did a really good and quick job.
    I need to do the same job on mine 2009 E 320 Bluetec. By the way, how happy are you with your diesel engine? This is my 4th Mercedes Diesel. Tell me please how you like diesel engines and congrats for your light replacement.

  8. The wires of my passenger fog light were cut off and I don't know where to find the wires so I can make a connection. I think there 2 wires, one green and one brown, but I am not sure. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  9. nice find on that hole to adjust the fog light!

  10. Thank You! Very informative. Great summary.

  11. Walmart has a pair of Rhino ramps for 32 dollars… well worth the money if You plan more DIY adventures… self repair saves lots of $$$

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