Jeep Starter Substitute DIY

USA Link for Starter Canadian Link for Starter This is a pretty straight forward video rated easy as pretty much …


  1. Just interested in your opinion it really necessary to buy like a mean green or a powermaster ? or is that just flashy overkill?

  2. 'and they wouldn't even use lube' best tutorial ever mate!

  3. Is it that easy for Jeep liberty 2012

  4. Your a TRIP!!!Thanx for posting

  5. Can't seem to get the top bolt out on my 09 jeep wrangler… help!!!

  6. Son's TJ wouldn't start this morning, CAA showed up and said battery was fine, but son told me that clicking could be heard…I went online, noted this video details, called NAPA for a reconditioned starter, picked that up along the way to Son's residence and then crawled underneath the TJ with my socket set…fixed in about half an hour…. thanks for the clear instructions!

  7. I have a 2008 Jeep Patriot is the starter in the same location?

  8. Best fucking video I've seen a while! Loved it!

  9. The best video I have seen on this repair. Used the exact same starter and everything. The only tough spot was getting the top bolt but if you have a stubby ratchet it shouldn't be a problem. 30 minutes and I was done.

  10. What tools do I need for a jeep cj5 starter replacement?

  11. Fascinating. PBR is my favorite Jeep Maintenance Beer, too. :3

  12. has anybody made a vid for a 2007 jeep compass?

  13. Go ahead and buy the better quality starter at the dealership. The cheap one at the auto part store only lasted a year for me.

  14. Hey Bull: great advice. You are right on the money. I sent the following post to Axle (who was working on a '97 like mine and we had an issue with Torx E12 sockets for the job on '97's) earlier in the day and referenced you. Keep in touch.

    Thanks,Axle for the input.

    I replaced the starter last night (20Feb17). I had gotten a Torx E12 socket yesterday at CarQuest and it worked perfectly (I was able to buy a single socket $4.99? instead of a whole set).

    It took me all of 25 minutes, beginning to end, the hardest part was little clearance under the jeep and sliding around the garage floor on cardboard.

    The key was having a small ratchet and an extension for all the sockets, two other two sockets being – 5/16" for the switch connection, and 1/2" to take off the battery positive cable.

    Out of curiosity I called my local Jeep dealer and asked how much to replace the starter, they said $162 + tax. If that is the way they charge for all their work, they have a real SCAM going on the American consumer.

    Bullshitkorner put it very eloquently in this video and hits it right on the money –

    Keep on turnin those wrenches guys!


  15. Love the Pabst on the side! Yessir!

  16. Hey Bull, what model & year is the Jeep you're working on in this video?

  17. I had two different sizes of bolts holding my starter on.A 15mm on top and 14mm on the bottom. Then the bottom bolt wouldn't go back no matter how hard I tried. Thanks Chrysler…

  18. Best video on the starter for jeeps man keep up the good work. Beer me

  19. you are seriously now my hero. the picture of the bolts….and the key tip…if you have reached for 16 mm….youre removing the tranny bolt…..ALL ME. thank you, thank you! I could have used a tutorial on the impact wrench needed to remove the other bolt. but now……Jim beam!!! thanks again! you're amazing!

  20. thanks…. i'm hoping you just gave me all the information i needed in a couple of min. and i believe you did… thanks again…. cheers

  21. I changed my starter and it still won't start

  22. So I have 2001 Wrangler Auto,
    It was rebuilt so I have star bolts instead of the 15 MM which I got off and the terminal was a bitch. The issue I have is that the oil pan is blocking the starter fro coming out. The bindex keeps catching, any ideas or do I have to remove the whole oil pan?

  23. Did you see that 3/4" hole when you took off the starter (just above it by the oil pan)? What the hell is it? Does it need to be plugged? I am replacing the starter on mine right now and I saw that hole… HELP

  24. Too fucking funny…you are the man! And thank you for showing me how to change my starter too!

  25. Great video man, same thing I'm assuming for a 2014 compass? I have mechanical knowledge I'm just making sure I need a starter and not a new battery Haha. Long story but thank you for the help!

  26. Omg. Tell it like it is man.

  27. I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty and there is a large plate in place completely blocking this area. How would you recommend I remove this plate and will
    It result in more steps?

  28. How can 15 people dislike this video? I don't get it.

  29. What generation of the Liberty is this? Is the 2012 Jeep Liberty the same or similar to this?

  30. Ab-so-fucking-lutely the best YouTube "how-to" video I've ever seen – YOU ROCK Dude (even if your taste in "adult beverages" needs work)

  31. Hey I got a question, I got an 01 jeep with a manual transmission, I hear I have to get a starter for a manual transmission… I also don't have the terminal you unclipped… what is it for and would it be OK if I got a new starter with the terminal and unly used the positive and negative wires (i only use +/-)

  32. LOL awesome video man, keep up the good work. Going to change my starter tomorrow

  33. That was a hilarious video to watch. Wife was laying in the bed next to me and wanted to make sure that she heard you correctly when you said " dealership would do you in the butt" hahahahahaha

  34. Good to know that I'll save a lot of money DIY starter replacement! I have an 07 Jeep GC, that's a little harder to get to. What would u recommend is the "easiest" way to get to it w/o removing the dry shaft?

  35. About the bolts – I used a breaker bar to loosen the lower one. The upper one there's no room – WD40 penetrating lubricant that that last dealer was nice enough to use on my arse did not help. I'm no body builder, so that doesn't help with the 8 inch wrench's torque delivery. I don't have access to and cannot afford a torch to heat it up. Any ideas? Thanks…

  36. your the man bro thanks for the video

  37. dued the fuken bolts are friken hard to take off did u have any issues

  38. ur fuken badass…straight forward video

  39. Many thanks, there is a quick view of engine model and it seems to be the same than mine ! Tomorrow I will change and fix it.

  40. You deserve a sponsor these videos are awesome.

  41. I love yur vids man. Just did this job on my 2007 jk. it was kind of a bitch to get that top bolt off but this job was really simple. Your diy tutorials really help. Keep upmthe good work man. Thanks!

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