HOW TO Mercedes Benz KeyFob Battery Substitute. Sensible key keyless BRC c230 sl500 e320 ml320 DIY Repair

This video explains how to replace your battery in a Mercedes Benz Key Fob with built in transponder. The procedure requires two (2) new CR2025 3V button …


  1. Hey There I have a question. Earlier I dropped my keys to my 2003 c230 in water. I took the batteries out and let the key and batteries sit in rice. Now the doors unlock/ lock but the car will not start. Do you know why?


  3. Thank you!!!! I appreciate the detail and closeups!!!!!

  4. Awesome thanks a lot. Very simple.

  5. Thank you so much! I just learned something very valuable and cost effective

  6. I have a 2004 e320 lately when I go to start car it will not unlock steering wheel w fob do u think it's the ignition switch or just maybe battery replace there about a year old

  7. What is the battery's model. I have exactly the same fob key and I'm going to the shop to get one

  8. Worked perfectly — thanks for posting this!

  9. Hi there, i did what you explained on the video. Unfortunately, the locks will not work with the remote and new battery, yet the key works to start the car. Somehow the locks became disabled and i cannot figure out how to fix this. Mercedes was ZERO help. Thank you!

  10. My car doesn't chirp as loud as it originally did. Also I get a notification that battery is low in key. Are these two things connected?

  11. Super helpful! My key has not been working properly and couldn't figure out how to open the casing to replace the battery! Thank you so much, saved a trip and bucks at the dealership! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  12. I have a c220. I would like to use both fobs together. One for me, one for my wife. both keys were working because the first fob I used to use, suddenly that one decided not tor work, but the other one is working. previously vice versa. How can I use both keys? Reply would help. Thank you guys in advance.

  13. Hi Thank you, Im a car dealer and bought a C230 Kompressor last Thursday.
    Fob wouldn't work and I was using the embedded key to open and lock.

    After your fine fine perfect video and the dollar store set of 6 CR2025 batteries I had in my drawer, its like having a New Car 🙂 thank you very much.
    I really appreciate fine people like you who continue to help others.

  14. Thank you for a very succinct and easy to follow instructions to replace the battery in the Mercedes Key Fob!

  15. thanks alot….love the detail….

  16. thank you so much for this video this was a great deal of help

  17. Is it possible I could get the battery at the dealership or best buy?

  18. An excellent, simple, easy to understand, very thorough demonstration. Great job!!

  19. Boss which battery will I need for a 2014 E550?

  20. Thanks! A very helpful video.

  21. Thank you so much. Such great help.

  22. very good, clear and concise..

  23. Hi JD…My key works to unlock all the time, but (recently), only sometimes works to lock the doors. Do you think this a battery issue?

  24. I just bought a 2005 S500 that uses this key…..My question is how do I start the car with the start/stop button on the shifter ? I tried it with the key turned on, to no avail…The car starts fine just using the FOB key, but I would like to use the push-button also…Thanx in advance…

  25. Thanks this helped alot 🙂

  26. hello. i just got a c320. my car turns on but doesnt lock. i have changed the batterys. but it still doesnt lock. i would like your help

  27. I did the battery change but it still will not unlock or lock my doors. It will start the car. What can it be?

  28. thanks for the vid. i just followed the instructions to change my key fob batteries

  29. thanks for the vid. i just followed the instructions to change my key fob batteries

  30. As seniors, we are often targets for overcharging. My 2005 E320 key fob battery died. I called the local auto mechanic, and they said that it took 30 minutes to change the battery, and it would cost $56 plus tax. That didn't sound right to me, so I started looking on the internet. I found your video, which so clearly explained how to change the batteries. I found the button lithium batteries at Walgreens for $7.50. I got $5 off for my rewards points, so they cost me $2.50 total. It took me about 3 minutes to change them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You saved me at least $54.00!

  31. Thanks, this really helped me on the Key to my C class!

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