Honda Civic Damaged Solar Visor Alternative 2006 (2006-2010 Related)

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  1. Thank you so much! This just happened to my car and knew Big Dog was gonna have something on how to fix/replace this. And sure enough, you came through again!

  2. Hello if you can pleas answer to this comment whenever you are free what is the measurement for the screw I bought my visors used and they didn’t come with screws so I’m trying to find out the measurement of the screws

  3. Well done video & informative. I've got the acura version of this model & although acura/honda did extend the warranty, both my visors broke after it expired. Mine has the lights so I guess I'll have to watch for that plug. Thanks for the video.

  4. thanks, I'm on my second visor for a 2008 Civic needed this refresher to remember how to do it.

  5. Def gonna give this a try! Looks simple enough

  6. Where do you guys buy your Honda parts?

    I just called the local dealer and they charge about $100 just for the visor. Ive seen some online for about $30-50. Want to know legit ones though. Thanks!

  7. Thanks my good man. You just saved me $40.

  8. is there aftermarket sun visor that fits? Any feedback please.

  9. Thanks for putting up this video, the visor is so simple to replace. I bought my civic coupe about a year ago and I started having problems the very first week, since it was used I just dealt with it. I finally got another visor and 10 minutes later it's good as new, I never thought a video on installing a new one would be on YouTube.

  10. Honda knows this is a problem and should get a new design or at least fix the ones that fail. The visor and all exterior trim is failing on my 2011. Their quality is not what it use to be. This is my last Honda. Won't buy a Honda again. Switching to Toyota.

  11. Honda should be ashamed of itself. I've had this happen on 4 Honda vehicles in our family. 3 Civics (2010, 2 x 2011) and 1 2011 Honda Accord.

  12. thank-you so much! not sure how I went brain dead on this. never even thought to check the internet on this problem. wife is on her third visor. I asked her to have a discussion the dealer as this is an obvious issue. they treated her like she was unique and told her to write to Honda. now I'm a bit mad as this dealer has received 100% of this car's service business and is the dealer the car was purchased from and they didn't even give her the courtesy of saying this is a common issue. will have to reconsider doing business with this dealer in the future. I'm just asking for some honesty, the cost I can afford, the lack of trust is to expensive.

  13. Thanks for the video but this is a visor replacement and not a repair. The visors for the 2006-2012 Civic were poorly designed. Eventually, Honda was sued and chose to settle the Class Action Lawsuit by replacing defective visors on specific models. Many visors were replaced this way but unfortunately this was just a temporary fix because Honda failed to correct the original poor design. My 2007 Civic received replacement visors in 2011. It is now 2016 and guess what … the replacement visors are failing.

    Good job Honda!

    If your visor(s) are failing you have two options: 1) Buy new replacement visors. The cheapest (new) visor from Honda can be purchased via ebay for less than $50 (each). You then follow this video to replace them. Total cost = $100 or so. 2) You can repair the visors by following videos here on YouTube. Search for "honda civic visor repair" and you will find a few. Total cost of repair is about $2 per visor and some of your time.

  14. this is really easy lol thanks

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