Headliner alternative, 93-97 Ford Ranger, How To DIY

I bought this ACME Auto AFH33FB headliner and show you the process for installing it. correction. I say it is a 1994. It is a 1996. The headliner part number is the …


  1. Hi man, first off great how-to video. Question; im having big trouble with removing the B pillar upper push pin. As I dont want to damage it, do you have any suggestion on how to remove them without damage?
    Thanks a lot dude!

  2. this should be the same procedure in a '96 F-150, Right?

  3. Hey – Thank you! I've got a 96 named Red Rita that needs a recover on her headliner… I'm on it now! You're video gave me the info I needed!

  4. I replaced one in my 93 supercab. Almost the same process. It was more of a pain to get it in the truck.

  5. Judging by the dash shape, the truck in this video is a 1995 or later. My 1994 dash is different from a 1995 & later.

  6. I really like the narration over video format of this video. Easy to watch entertaining.

  7. Did you forget the dome light?

  8. Good deal, it looks like a snap. Thanks, Boss.

  9. Can you do a tutorial on a standard cab

  10. Thanks! Great video but I agree with the other guy, could have used some cussing lol. Thanks again!

  11. Nicely done vid. But you left out all the cussing.

  12. Genius at work! Thanks for posting with great instructions!

  13. This was helpful for figuring out what I need to do. Thanks.

  14. Thank you for this video. Just picked up a 97 and the fabric is in bad shape. Will be ordering it soon.

  15. Where did you get your replacement liner thx

  16. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  17. Thanks for posting this. Where did you get replacement headliner? LMC truck parts?

  18. Exactly what I needed to see. Thanks man!

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