Google container information heart tour

First presented at the Google Efficient Data Centers Summit, hosted at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA on April 1, 2009. For more information about …


  1. Stop the Delftzijl one – Will be under 20 Meter H2O soon
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  2. Should be built on the Moon ( see my Eric Schmidt Song 1996 – read the text there pls )

  3. Can someone please explain to me why they did this and what they hoped to achieve? Not hating, just curious to what this is all about.

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  8. every few months I haven an argument with an "expert" or one of my bosses because I`ve set cold aisle temperature at 26°C

  9. Anyone watching this video in 2018?

  10. How can I get Google Wi-Fi network on my cell phone

  11. But does it have water cooling system

  12. Where is the server that has all port sites?

  13. so beautiful…. its calls google….awesome google….how it works….??

  14. It's amazing for me as Indonesian to know more about Google, specially for Google container data center

  15. Wow this was like a college lecture

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