Google app: Alternative Umpire

A replacement umpire finds himself a little out of his league and asks Google for help making the right call. More info: …


  1. that'd be very useful, considering there are only 2.

    Ohwait that comment was 7 months ago…

  2. Nice frame job by the catcher and a strike.What people don't get,is that a pitch is not judged by the catchers mitt.How many times have I heard,"It's in the dirt,blue". Yeah it's in the dirt but it passed thru the strike zone.The strike zone is only above the plate,not around the catchers mitt! LOL

  3. Why would anybody dislike this?

  4. >pitcher pitches, lands in glove
    >moments of silence
    >Everyone applauds for the glorious and rare strike.

  5. He called the strike. Not the out.

  6. The account has been removed.

  7. the first strike out ever with just one pitch

  8. Yeah I gave the impression I was trying to start a debate. I wasn't actually, anyway flagged for spam now.

  9. Doesn't mean he can't say it. He's probably a spammer but complaining about it and not reporting him for spam isn't going to help. To me it seemed you were trying to start a debate.

  10. والله مب سهل ههههههههههه

  11. Whether I'm right or wrong, the comment is at least so irrelevant to the video.

  12. Doesn't really make you right though.

    That's pretty much the core of the message.

  13. I'm a christian and I find your comment ridiculous. I'm sorry.

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  16. He kinda reminds me of late Leslie Nielsen

  17. It's not the hips. By definition it is from the midpoint of the batter's shoulders and waist line (navel) to the hallows of the knees. Now weather or not it is called that way is dependent on the level of ball of course. The pros is more like the midpoint of the navel and the waistline.

  18. I hate that you need Jelly Bean for this, it's not like my phone can't handle a simple recognition app -__-

  19. That's how the youtube works. You write something down, and other people can react to that. How did I attack someone? He wrote something and I reacted to that. I wasn't rude or aggressive. And the comment section is made for comments. Everyone who writes something does it because they want someone to read it. Call it attention seeking if you want. You don't seem to understand that you do the exact same thing. If you didn't care about my opinion, why are you critisizing it?

  20. No, because it would be retarded to whine about not understanding something when you have hearing problems or bad sound. If one of those cases was the problem, he would be aware of this and shouldn't complaina about in on youtube.

  21. Why would it take longer to say "hips" instead of "armpits"?

  22. they both work but Google Voice search is better

  23. I criticized his English because he couldn't understand what the guy in the video was saying, although I could understand it without any problem. Which I think is weird because he lives in an English speaking country and I don't.
    I don't understand what you mean with the second part of your comment, since I just said that he lives in an English speaking country, yet you have the need to explain me that most people in the USA speak English.

  24. whats the music before he pitches?

  25. More customization. Widgets. Doesn't break my bank.

  26. That's funny, all the foreigners could perfectly understand what he was saying. Maybe you should try to improve your English, it could help if you live in an English speaking country.

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