Gas filter alternative 2004 Buick Lesabre Easy methods to change fuel filter

Fuel filter replacement 2004 Buick Lesabre. If you are wondering how to install or remove or replace an part on your car, I hope this video will help show you …


  1. 3/4 large wrench and what is the small wrench size ?

  2. I wish it was that easy on mine. Fuel lines are so rusted!

  3. Thank you for your detailed but uncomplicated video. A lot of other videos will not show how to take it off. Thanks for demonstrating that portion, that is the hardest part.

  4. Is that a quick connect filter or the other kind

  5. had a filter to replace on my replace on my 2000 Lesabre, exactly as you described. Thanks!

  6. MacGyver did a lot of things, but he never changed a fuel filter.

  7. I'v bought a 2004 buick lesabre 80k mi. and previous owners had ignition switch changed and every now and then the battery goes dead.

  8. You're supposed to start the engine, pull the fuel pump fuse so the pressure is relieved and gas does squirt all over.

  9. Try rubber gloves next time. They're cheap.

  10. You need to wear rubber gloves. Gasoline on your hands is nasty.

  11. I noticed you didn't pull the fuel pump fuse , is tht ok as long as you loosen the fittings slowly?

  12. At the beginning he says it is located at the driver's side, left rear corner, in front of the left rear tire. Pretty clear to me.

  13. Not very helpful if you do not already know where the filter is. luckily I do however most people would like to know where to actually locate what you are showing them. Give reference from the outside/top of vehicle as to where the work will take place. If I had not been under my Buick before I saw this video on would not have recognized it's location.

  14. I have a 2000 Buick lasabre and my fuel line is shot how do i replace it

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