Galaxy S7 Full Tear down – Display substitute, Charging port repair

Smart Phone Tool Kit From Amazon: GOLD GS7 Screen: Rear back glass: Charging port: …


  1. Awesome! These greedy corporations made it to an era of disposable $800 USD consumer electronics! 😀
    Now let's watch Dell do the same with their XPS series!

  2. Do not buy samsung or if you buy guys better not update the os cause you will get lots if headaches and heartaches buying a highend pricy phone good luck

  3. So…. u can change battery

  4. I work in a phone repair/accessory place and my boss replaced the charging port for me without changing the screen, I knew he was good, didn't realise HOW good until now…

  5. Amazing how such a small device has a more processing power than the Saturn V rocket..

  6. Do the tear down of s6 edge

  7. That heat pipe looks lame lol, check out how much bigger the one in nokia 8 is, device barely thermal throttles.

  8. I did it and was all good. While I was at it I put more copper pipes and put thermal paste in it so that it stays cool

  9. If I do thise and replace the broken parts will it still be water proof

  10. Jerry please tell my battery always 100% to show but battery life is normaly deceased do not show decreased

  11. And I thought the easiest part was turning off the phone.

  12. Dude what's your obsession with destroying phones

  13. Pls do xiomi mi 6 lens replacement

  14. hi Jerry,
    I have galaxy s7 and I accidentally break through mesh of secondary mic. Is it possible now for dust to get on camera lens through 2nd mic hole? how to fix it?

    Thank you very much

  15. My back glass came off and the entire paint stayed on the phone, maybe I heated it a bit too much!
    Now I have a clear back, so easy and no residues! Haha

  16. …Yeah, definitely not going to repair my charging port. Wish me luck backing up all my files to the cloud instead of a simple drag and drop.

  17. Where are Bluetooth and Wifi connectors? I have problem with it after I replaced front camera.

  18. Will it still waterproff after just screen replacement?

  19. If u had said the lone about nothing salvageable in the beginning I likely wouldn't have watched..your video… It's been a while but I once swaped screens on an s5, broken screen valid imei, fine screen locked out phone. Most shops I've seen claim dumbshit like that repair isn't possible. What they mean is they personally can't do it if talking to tech, or they don't hjte employees who know the diff between amoled and lcd if talking to the owner . I've busted screens too, happens but u should really be more specific and say something like "for most people it will be replacing both " instead or the arrogant claim nothing is going to survive


  21. thank you so much i just replaced the battery

  22. Hey jerry was size thickness of adhesive did you use on the s7?

  23. J U S T L I K E L I T T L E L E G O S

  24. I wonder why the american phones say the name (galaxy s7/galaxy s8) on the back but mine (a European s8) doesn't.

  25. His voice is so relaxing

  26. Is the Qi charger needed or could I leave it out for a clear back mod?

  27. Hi, i need to replace my friends screen, just the screen is cracked. I wanted to know if i can buy just the screen or do i need to also buy the one with the digitizer?

  28. That’s a bunch of legos.

  29. Hey jerry is there an internal qi charging pad replacement for the phone that exists anywhere?

  30. can i put an s7 camera in my s7edge? and will it work or does it have to be specific to the model?

  31. The screen is not very expensive to replace in the S7, but the digitizer is. Will you destroy the digitizer trying to replace the charging port ? Is there any way not to damage it? thanks. I'm a disabled vet and on a budget. But I really rely on my phone a lot and need a fairly good one. Thanks. If the digitizer has to be released with the charging jack repair, I'd be better off buying an S8.

  32. Uuuh I'm not gonna test that on my s7 cuz it's gonna be a waay too expensive mistake 😂😂. I fix cheap phones though

  33. I have ordered a replacment back for my phone any tips and will it still be water proof i am using an oem back

  34. Watching an s7 be tortured on an s7 is truly terrifying

  35. Why dont you use a plastic pry tool instead of scratching the paint off the back glass

  36. Thanks for the video JerryRigEverything, it really helped me!!

  37. Is it a still water resistant?

  38. Hey I'm using this exact phone and it seems to have those overheating issues as you mentioned, do you think applying thermal paste to that discolored chip would help it dissipate that heat better? Or how else can I fix this hot phone?

  39. Who else is watching on a s7

  40. I don't know why but my fast charging capabilities do not work from the charging port but they work from the QI charger…. the weirdest part about this is that I can still charge it but not fast charge it… any clues or ideas of what is wrong or what should I do?

  41. Replacement screens are priced at £125 in the UK so it isn't really worth repairing it.

  42. Is the fingerprint scanner unique to the motherboard? I’m trying to buy a motherboard and swap it in a s7 that is locked due to a google account previously synced in it. I just wanna know if it works unlike the iPhone 6 and above.

  43. Is it possible to replace the charging port with USB type C? xD

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