Ford Ranger Higher Management Arm And Ball Joint Alternative – Shadetree Mechanic How To

How to remove and install the front upper control arm and ball joint assembly on a 1998 – 2011 Ford Ranger (without torsion bar suspension). Also applicable to …


  1. WOW A USED PART.. I WONDER IF THIS IS YOUR TRUCK OR A CLIENTS..EITHER WAY JUST WRONG..with that said great video on how to replace thumbs up with a 2010 ford ranger you will need a 15mm and 21mm wrenches or socket and wrench

  2. I've seen Ranger front end overhaul kits that include two control arms with ball joints installed, two lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, and sway bar links for $120 Canadian!
    Even I can afford that.

  3. hi guys..( and women too!)i need advice.. my 2000 Ranger has 230, 000 …for the most part runs making a clunking noise, mechanic says front end out..$900!! is it time to ditch it? i just had a new power steering pump put it and a fuel pump about 2 years ago…

  4. I would probably only take cosmetic things from the junkyard, you can't really tell what state the mechanical items are in.

  5. can't believe you used junk yard joints.

  6. do four wheel drives man everybody owns four wheel drives

  7. Why would anybody put a old part back in and do all that work?

  8. i wasnt expecting a junk yard part at the end. Can you buy that full assembly or do you have to pound in a new ball joint?

  9. man! thats the wrong control arm you put back on and its from the junk yard. should of just bought a new one.

  10. super! THANKS FOR THE Video! im confident know that i can do it myself and save some money

  11. I have had my 98 ranger for 3 years and the person I bought it from never did anything to it my truck needs both upper and lower ball joints on both sides and now I think it needs new inner and outer tie rod ends

  12. I am sorry but I wish you had highlight the problem stage.  I can't get the top bolts, and nuts sit correctly.  Please remember the people who watch these videos are the one like me who are beginners.  I have spent my whole evening and can't figure out how those, bolts, washers and nuts go in.  Thank you

  13. Why you are marking the camber bolt? are you usig adjustable camber bolts? wondering if I need to mark them using the stock cam bolts (non adjustable) Thanks!

  14. Question. 

    I have a 2003 Ford ranger truck. The front end creaks like crazy over bumps and and when I turn the steering wheel. I'm fairly certain the creaking is due to worn out upper and lower ball joints that need replacement. 

    I've never done this before and here's my question. Do I need to compress the spring before removing the upper control arm and ball joint?

    My brother swears it needs to be compressed but every video I watch on how to replace the upper control arm does not show anyone compressing a spring. 

    Any advice would be awesome. 


  15. $63.00 autozone. ctrl arm, bushings and ball joint assy.

  16. Thanks for the clear lesson.  Bill

  17. looks easy enough, need to do both of mine 313000 miles and they are shot…

  18. What size socket do I need for the nut at 4:03? Is it also 15mm?

  19. pfftt.. that wiggle is nothing compared to that on my ranger… with now broken cv joints…….. probably should have done what your doing now a long time ago…

  20. 4wd the same? I dont have spindles

  21. really putting in a used ball joint/controll arm lol cheapass…

  22. how long did it take for you to do this?

  23. put new ball joints on 93 ranger 2wd,book says put c clip on bottom ball joint but mine wont go in far enough for a c clip to fit on it,looked at some at junkyard none had a c clip on bottom joint only on top one except 4wd,is the book wrong?

  24. I think that if you're careful about lining everything up like it was before, you should be fine.

  25. after replacing the upper ball joint and control arm do you need to get an alignment done?

  26. To remove and install just the ball joint from the control arm you would need a hydraulic press, that's why I replaced the whole assembly. Thanks!

  27. I heard that I need a special machine to change the ball joints and I have a ford xlt do you know anything about that?

  28. Thanks man. I really appreciate the guidance. Take care my man.

  29. What size socket was used on the Ford Ranger upper control arm to remove it?

  30. I can't believe you put a used junkyard A arm and ball joint on as a replacement. Really?

  31. Aftermarket ball joint? Would this require a hydraulic press or any special tools??

  32. Yes I have the same question could you answer please

  33. Nice vid. Factory ball joints on these Rangers are sealed and don't have grease fittings. The usually only go about 100 K.
    It looks like you installed a factory upper ball joint without a grease fitting. I highly recommend that anyone doing this get a quality aftermarket ball joint with the fitting. Lube them up at every oil change and they will outlast your truck.

  34. I was hoping it was some sort of camber adjustment. But you're right. I'm installing two cam bolts kits right now

  35. On each of the two bolts holding the upper control arm is a metal hook. Its about half inch wide or so and hooks toward the bushing over the top. Any idea what these are? I dont see an identical bolt on anyone elses rangers

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