Ford four.6L & 5.4L Engines Alternator Alternative

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  1. before anything thanks for your video's learned alot from them, now my question is I've been having issues with my electrical power,got it checked at oriellys an they said it was a bad alternator, and a bad starter, just about 1 month ago I had changed my alternator but I still went ahead a got a new one..took it back to get it checked an was told it had a bad regulator,it doesn't seem right to me that 2 alternators can be bad..can it be something else?? now for the story of my truck see if it helps to pin point the issue..about a week ago battery died out on me leaving the truck jump started took the battery to charge few days later same problem, got it jump started an while driving home all electrical when out, rmp gas battery temperature mpr gauge down to zero, ac turned off could roll down windows or unlock trucks door, but the truck was still running, check charging system light came up an abs as well…as soon as I got home put my truck on park everything turned back on..turned it off and tried to turn it back on an nothing, so replaced that alternator put a new one on ranned good the hole day then while driving home lights started to dimm..when out side in the morning to start it an nothing…what else can it be? thanks ahead of time

  2. Where can I find that Bosch tool with the digital meter?

  3. 322k views and only 1k likes? Come on people, this is a top notch video. That bungee trick is great!

  4. My air intake was a KLM assembly so my air intake snorkel was a little more involved than the one you removed, other than that thanks for the info

  5. Using a bungee cord to hold the belt was very helpful. Thank you

  6. I used one of your videos to change my hub bearings on the from of my 2004 Ford Expedition. For the alternator I have that plastic looking cover and can't figure out how to take it off. So far that looks like my only issue.

  7. thank you. You makes it too simple

  8. Thank you for this video, it helped me changed my alternator

  9. Thanks broski, just changed mine after 12 years of use…..06 f150

  10. thanks for the bungee tip!

  11. Excellent video. Thanks and God bless you! <><

  12. I have a second, smaller wire/clip… how do I get it off?

  13. My truck wouldn't start after a cold snap..tried starting it but no go,no crank,the lights turned on then later nothing turned on…tried jump starting it,everything turned on but once I took the jumper cables off ,everything turned off…I plugged in it for the night ,now I'm wondering where to go from here..battery or alternator…

  14. How can anyone dislike this video, everything was done perfect,

  15. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO MAKE THIS VERY INFORMATIONAL VIDEO! THE TIP ON USING THE BUNGE CORD REALLY SAVED MY ARSE! (I used a rope) and releasing the tensioner from the top of the motor rather than below (as another video shows) really helped me as well! (I was working by myself and did not have an assistant to release the tension from below! Your video and another one on youtube REALLY made it possible for me to do the job! And I installed it in about an hour! All because of the kindness of you and others creating these videos! Again THANKS!

  16. so I have a alternator that's 320amp(off a 4.6)
    , but its a horseshoe top bracket, its compatible but I don't know if the horseshoebracket its self will fit on my 5.4 v8

  17. Thanks again for great, helpful,and informative videos Brian

  18. Just two screws on the bottom??

  19. Can you list the tools you used in this video it would really help

  20. Wanted to say thank you for all your videos. Recently bought an F150 and have been watching your videos to learn about it, during a 1500 mile trip towing a car this weekend had the alternator die, and by pure luck rolled off the highway and into the parking lot of an auto parts store 2 minutes before they closed for the night and bought a new alternator. Pulled up your video before installing to get any tips grabbed a bungee from the truck to hold the belt in place like you did and in no time was back in the road (after having to remove my car from the trailer to jump the truck…) you do great work and I'm sure I'm not the only one you're helping!

  21. Thank you! I was about to remove the fan shroud, which requires the fan to be removed which would be a lot of wasted effort. Great job!!!

  22. Where is the breaker for the belt

  23. great demonstration sir,i have one to replace on my 06 navigator hopefully all goes as smooth as u made it look

  24. Thank you for the videos. You've saved me a ton of money!

  25. I love casting crowns too! Good song. The video is a tremendous help as well.

  26. Great belt tip. Easy alternator install…

  27. Thank you for the torque specs!

  28. …… At 7:49 says to 4 bolts 89-inch-pounds ??? or (8 or 9 inch pounds), and lower 2 bolts are 18-foot-pounds. Someone please reply to this comment if these specs are wrong…

  29. cool vid! was trying to find the torque for the alternator bolts. it's not in the Haynes manual odd…

  30. wow that bungee idea is a stroke of genius, lol, thanks for the great video.

  31. Thanks for another great how-to video. I just changed the alternator in my wife's 2003 Ford Expedition. I appreciate you taking the time to put these videos out here as they help us backyard mechanics save a little money. Keep up the great work!

  32. and that bungy trick with the belt! genius =)

  33. thanx again!!! you have helped me rebuild my 04 f-150 soooo much
    and saved me so much grief!!!
    congrats on the new shop btw!
    you mos def deserve it!!!

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