Ford F150 Radius Arm Bushing Substitute



  2. Them bushings are put in wrong look at all that space in the back side

  3. Seeing you use a wrench at 13:33 was painful dont you have sockets lol

  4. i need to replace my bushing but mine is a 4×4. Any advice?

  5. What's your overall opinion of the bushings performance as a castor adjustment aid? Did it hold up?

  6. Man I hate leaf blowers! good video Thanks…..

  7. Does this go for a for ranger too??

  8. dude just did take top bolt of coil spring out put cum along front to rear axle to hold steady put jack under arm release bracket let jack down replace bushings jack back in place and reattach whole bracket to frame don't need to do all that much

  9. the metal plate that you threw away (shim) is a marker plate so you can know where to turn the bushing for adjustment..

  10. Hey I love scotty. Hes a champ

  11. I love that Scotty imitation, he is such a jackass. He did a timing belt job on a 4 cylinder and acted like they are all the same 4,6,8, etc. cylinders lol. Best thing about Kilmer is he makes the DIYer mess up so much stuff, it keeps the real technician employed. hahaha 🙂

  12. I'm planning to do my bushings today, but looking at it, I was planning to just unbolt the radius arm bracket from the frame (3 bolts), and sliding it backward off the radium arm to get at the front side bushings. It seems like it would be a lot easier. Is there a reason why that approach wouldn't work?

  13. hola …soy de torreon coahuila mexico y me sirvio de mucho tu video…soy de las personas que le gusta hacer  de macanica y no podia saber como demonios se cambiaba el buching…thanks sooo muchhh….

  14. Why didn't you lubricate the new bushings before you installed them ? And , why not install new springs given that you've added more weight by installing the cummins ? , thanks , jd

  15. You ever thought about swapping the 6bt in? I know you already have the 4bt so this is just a conversation about it. But I hear they're same price with a lot more power. Would be fun. Is there a reason u wanted the 4bt? Did u ever consider the 6bt

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