Ford F150 F250 5.4L 3v Digital Throttle Physique Alternative P2135

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  1. Great video!! Has anybody had the problem with their vehicles on hard acceleration past 3000 RPMs bogging down? It basically feels like you just looze power. I've replaced coil/plugs and no codes are thrown. Any idea?

  2. I have an 2006 e150 5.4L throwing a P2111 and p2104 code. The throttle body is making that erratic sound when the key is first turned on. Any ideas? Thanks and great videos.

  3. My 2004 lincoln ls v6 is doing that thing where i turn the key and the throttle body plate tries to open and close but moves very little. I got the wrench icon on my dash and getting obd codes for throttle actuator control system stuck closed and forced idle. The car will not accelerate at all. Pressing the gas pedal does nothing.

    Im buying a new throttle body assembly right now and replacing it this week. Will come back to this comment and say if that fixed my issue

  4. i have a 04 f150 fx4 5.4l i replaced the throttle position sensor and the throttle body motor and now i have no gas pedal responce.i have the check engine and the wrench light on.what could it be??

  5. I have 2008 Ford Expedition 5.4L with 102,000 that I keep like new. New plugs and coils, air filter. I did your recalibration procedure. I still have very intermittent problem where, when engine is warm, and coming off the road to an idle stop, the engine will once in a great while start idling extremely rough. If I do nothing, it eventually dies. If I shift to neutral and give it some gas, it smooths out and runs fine. If I leave it in gear and take off it smooths out. Just happens a couple times a week. I searched your youtube and should I be looking at replacing the throttle position sensor?

  6. Doesn't anyone clean their engine compartment?

  7. Does a 06 F150 4.6 have the same system with dual TPS or not? I have a P2135 code/rough running intermittently with the wrench light. Shut it off and restart and problem is gone. I and am trying to decode whether to change just the TPS or the complete throttle body. Thanks.

  8. This was great. I just changed my throttle body in 25 min.
    Thank you so much!

  9. having the problem although I was alone and wasn't able to check the sounds. the wrench came up on me for the first time. changed out the throttle body in O'Reilly's parking lot cause I was 2 hours from home with the boat in tow. anyways did everything you said to the T and still having the issue, any ideas? guess I need to have it diagnosed but of course it happens in the weekend and Ford isn't open..

  10. I'm getting pP2106 code with "wrench" warning light, along with a p0113 and p0102 code. This is right after new spark plugs. Should I still replace the throttle body or check something before I replace it? It's a 2005 expedition if that makes a difference. Also it seems to be driving fine as of now.

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  11. Ford tech when i get done replacing the ETC how can i clear the codes myself i dont have the computer program to check and clear them mine is a 07 expedition with 5.4 triton

  12. i clean my 2004 ford f150 5.4 throttle body now car will not startup

  13. I have the 2004 f150 with the 5.4l 3v and my truck will try I die as soon as I drop it into gear and try and move the truck ?i had to move it out of the road so the bus wouldn't hit it and it barely mad it in my drive way , I had to get the rpms to 3000 to even move the truck could this be the idle only mode ? I also have 2 other codes for the output speed sensor circuit having a malfunction and all 3 codes came on at the same time and now I can move my truck hardly?

  14. Thank you for a clear, non boring, and concise explanation of the throttle body replacement. It also explained the codes and how the engine resets the points necessary. I can now understand why my F150 threw codes left and right without reason. 🙂

  15. Hey I have an 08 f150 5.4 3v that came in for stalling. It's only stalls when putting in drive. Codes p0712 and p1783 both for tft sensors. Have u seen any issues with this? Thanks

  16. Another great video that saved me time and headache. Your videos are the best, and are the first place I look before any repair on my truck. Keep them coming!

  17. Hey, I am throwing P2106, P2135, P0581, P1000 in a 2005 F-150 5.4 3v. Would you suggest getting a new TB or just the TPS to clear up my first two codes? Thanks for your videos they have been very helpful.

  18. Thank you so much for the tutorial, your guidance enabled me to change out my throttle body and get my truck back on the road.

  19. A very informative video.  I took my truck to a dealership a few years ago because my truck would cut off occasionally while either slowing down or taking off.  They said I had a cracked throttle body and it would be around a $600 repair.  I put it off and the problem has started again.  So I'm guessing it is time to get it done.

  20. I have a sticky accelerator pedal so I was going to clean the throttle body. But I noticed my 06 Expedition has a electric throttle body! My question is can a sticky pedal still be caused by the dirty throttle body even if it's electric not cable throttle?

  21. My 05 cuts the throttle and goes to idle every now and then. I did research and talked to a shop and they said it is the tp sensor. Do I need to remove the throttle body to put a new sensor on? Also do I need to calibrate it like u did when only changing the sensor? Thanks

  22. question. I have a 2005 f150 with the 5.4. the engine stalls when I move from park to reverse or drive. and also while driving. going down road and when stopping at stop signs. I hand replaced the tps already. it's not showing a check engine light or wrench. no codes coming up either. any help

  23. question. I have a 2005 f150 with the 5.4. the engine stalls when I move from park to reverse or drive. and also while driving. going down road and when stopping at stop signs. I hand replaced the tps already. it's not showing a check engine light or wrench. no codes coming up either. any help

  24. Love your videos! I have a 2005 Expedition with 170K miles. Getting codes P2106, P0720, P0722. At first, I believe it was in limp mode. Changed TPS and cleared the PCM. Still got those codes. Cleaned the throttle body with throttle body cleaner. (all with the help of your great videos!) Took it for a short drive to see if it was driving any better, and it still seemed to be in limp mode. Now, after parking it, I have NO forward gears, only reverse. Changed the Output Speed Sensor. Pulled the transmission pan and found some pretty dark sludge with a small amount of metal shavings. My husband is convinced the transmission needs to be rebuilt, but I remain optimistic. We replaced the throttle body about 2 years ago. Is there a way to check the throttle body without replacing it again. I would much rather replace a throttle body than have to rebuild a transmission!

  25. what does the truck do to know you nerd to change the throttle body

  26. hi i know this doesnt have to do with video but i have the same truck with the 5.4 3v engine well the problem i am having is the hose that runs from the driver side valve cover to the heated pcv element the hose is like sucked flat what i am asking is if you have heared of this does the valve cover need to be replace or removed and clean?

  27. I had this happen in my 5.4l F250

  28. I got the wrench light coming on at idle occasionally on my 2010 f150 5.4. Immediate rough idle and low power. If I turn the truck off and back on, it clears with no problems. I checked the tb today and the noise when the ignition is turned on is normal 1cycle. What else could the problem be? Can a dirty throttle body be the cause as we'll?

  29. Wow, i must admit, that was a great instructional video, and I have watched hundreds of them. I am not a mechanic, or even mechanically inclined, and have these exact problems.
    I have watched a lot of videos, but none of them really gave me enough courage to do this on my own, but this video did, so thank you very much.
    On another note, you are the first one I have even cared to comment on.

    A quick follow up question for you:
    The symptoms that I am experiencing is the irregular idle and loss of power when going up a hill or having to pass a vehicle. The cleaning of, or installation of a new, throttle body seems to fix those issues.
    However, my engine also "sounds like" a diesel engine (Clicking) when it is idling, will that go away too, or is that another problem? If another problem, do you have a solution video for that too?

  30. The problem I have is it doesn't set a code on the dash. I had the PCM scanned and they said there's no evidence of a fault code. With no fault code should I be spending thousands of dollars throwing parts at it till it clears up? I'm kidding of course. I was looking at Edlebrock to see if they sell throttle bodies for my rig, so that's ongoing right now. I'm stumped.

  31. I have a different issue. I have an intermittent issue with acceleration, like the old fashioned hesitation you get from a worn timing chain or a dirty carb. Sometimes it doesn't act up at all, or sometimes you press down on the throttle and it bogs down. Then iI have to let up and it seems to correct itself. I have no codes in the PCM or the dashboard. I recently took it to a dealer, changed the plugs, air filter and ran injector cleaner through the gas tank, and changed the fuel filter with no improvement. I'm at a loss here. I'm considering changing out the throttle body, but it's an expensive "guess". Any thoughts? The throttle body was supposedly cleaned as well. HELP! Oh yeah, 2004 F-150 5.4 3 valve. 99870 miles. Lariat

  32. Hey ford tech, today I was driving around 25 mph and I stopped at a stop sign and my engine died. I saw the check engine light come on and the wrench. I then put it into park then I restarted it and it was like nothing happened. This happened to me before when I was going 50mph also. I was so close to causing an accident. What do you think is the problem. It's a 2005 Ford Expedition xlt 4wd with 77,000 miles. Please and Thank you

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