Entrance Shock (Strut) Substitute with Fundamental Hand Instruments

Strut replacement on a 1997 Nissan Maxima. As in all my repair videos, I use basic hand tools only. Same procedure for 1995-1999 Maxima’s & 1996-1999 …


  1. Good video, very  details. Thanks

  2. Dude, you're amazing. You saved me a lot of money! Greetings from Chicago!

  3. Great video. I am only wondering why my swaybar link is attached to my struts and it seems that no one else is.

  4. Another question: I see a lot of people torquing/tightening all their nuts with a partial weight on the car… what’s your point of view?

  5. Very much appreciate your video, I'm bout to change struts on our 01stratus, I've never changed struts before, but I feel confident I can now, thanks, liked n Subbd also

  6. Thank you for pointing out the orientation of the Top Plate. Also , why Monroe vs Gabriel or Sensen ? I have to make that decision… Finally, do you have a video about removing a ball joint ? Thank you again.

  7. Unless 100% sure of your floor jack, better to be safe and use an additional jack stand for support.

  8. Very informative, and high quality. I think I will replace my own struts instead of taking it to the shop. Thank you.

  9. I don't understand why this required a video.

  10. Excellent video as usual. I probably would have used some Kroil a day before though.

  11. Excellent tutorial video…. Well Done…. Only thing that I missed… Was that some sort of gasket that you added to the top of the strut at 9:51?…. I feel confident that I can "get-r-did" !!! 🙂

  12. I have bought and installed Rancho strut and shock complete set up. How do I relied the compression from the spring after installing them? Or do I even have too?

  13. Excellent tutorial. Thank you.

  14. There's a difference between a bolt & a nut. If you're going to produce videos.. know your basic components & hardware.

  15. Brother good day, after the replacement of shock n strut do i need wheel alignment?

  16. Love all these videos you are awesome. Wish there was a channel like this for every car out there. The only thing I would add to all your videos, is to suggest putting antiseize on every major bolt you remove before reinstallation. Especially the really rusty ones.

  17. great video. just finished doing this job on a 2009 mitsubishi galant

  18. Nice job…….well done!

  19. Struts should always be replaced in pairs. if you're doing a front strut both of them need to be replaced in the front. FYI!!!!

  20. Always oil 1st with WD 40 or equivalent

  21. You are a excellent instructor…..thank you

  22. For ANY car, once a year get under and spray everything (except the brake rotors) with Krown or Rust Check. These will lubricate and waterproof metal components, safe for rubber and wires/electrical connections. I've been using Rust Check (Canadian product) for years on my old cars. Makes maintenance a breeze and helps preserve the parts, specially in salty areas

  23. So in the video you adjust the mount to get the “F” to match to old strut. I have tried and that thing is way tight. Is there something I need to do to adjust it?

  24. Is there a shock absorber already inside the new strut assembly?

  25. You make me feel like a real mechanic! Love the birds in the background too! Very calming! Thank you for making me feel smart with your great explanations! :)!

  26. i have the shocks but do i need to replace the coil springs too? the suv is 160k miles.

  27. What about the rear ones? Where are the top mounts for those?

  28. just wondering, how come you didn't use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts at the end, or you just didn't show it?

  29. at 9:15 You should run a nut onto the stud so you aren't prying against the bare threads.

  30. Not a single tip about star patterns when undoing lugs, lubrication for old bolts to minimize risk of snapping the bolts or boys or even stripping them. No reminders about using jack stands. Only thing I can give you is you were straight to the point with no gay music, you stated in the title what design strut and coil combo they are, you used torque settings for the struts (but not the wheels?).

  31. good video i had no idea it was this easy to change a strut

  32. Thanks for possibly the best shot, most detailed, nothing taken for granted mechanical repair video I've seen yet. I'm subscribing!

  33. This video saved me a good amount of money.
    Thank you

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