Energy Antenna Mast Substitute Automotive Stereo Radio Bose

Car Stereo Help ! We have been asked about a continuation of this video for removing the motor assembly… If your local, bring …


  1. The best tool to use to undo the top nut is a pair of angled circlip pliers.

  2. Very helpful. I do wish you had shown the motor disassembly.

  3. How about fixing antennas that are attached on the inside along the windshield?

  4. Great vid straight to the point and shows it well, thank you

  5. Thanks so much! It worked just like you described.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to show us this repair. Would also like to see the antenna motor disassemble.

  7. Thank you..hoping my mast replacement goes as I plan on doing tomorrow!

  8. "West Virginia, mountain mama! Take me home, country roads."

  9. Amazing. Saved me a ton of money. Thank you!

  10. Which way are the teeth facing?

  11. This is not a 01 Explorer as I looked up nor is it a 98 Explorer as the video says lol

  12. Great video. I'm going to do this as my mast is bent and won't go down. Was wondering if they made a modification to hear cars where you can simply put one of those short rubber nubs inplace of a retractable antenna. Don't see many of these remote control car antennas on the road anymore.

  13. Thank you for putting this video up, you saved me a lot of time and frustration not having to rip the dash out of my 4Runner

  14. Dr. Wang brought me here. SHOUTOUT to my boiis in dynamics. Always remember make sure you do it wang. LABEL YOUR VECTORS!!! #UNR #ENGINEERING

  15. Have 2000 Mecury Sable wagon, but it's same design. This helped out so much, after the car wash sent it through with antenna up. Guy said "no speak english, i don't know" (tipped anyways) – as car wash had disclaimer about these damn antenna types. Never thought about what was inside a power antenna, till mine was snapped in half….. Sorry, they're all calling u John Denver… Coolest video ever…. THANKS – Garden Grove, CA

  16. Thanks for the video, I have a '95 Buick Riviera that has a slightly bent mast, doesn't go all the way down or all the way up. I'll give it a try and see if I can pull it out and straighten it, hopefully that'll work…

  17. one long fing antenna , should replace it with a solid alu one , that will break again

  18. 100 years experience mmmmm

  19. Thanks a lot for such a great video and explanation.I have been able to replace Power Antenna Mast ,successfully.I appreciate it.

  20. For some reason I now have this sudden urge to sing, "Country Roads, Take me Home."

  21. Hey! The old cable? No no no. You're guessing the cable went with the antenna? Maybe is did I guess.
    But it didn't! So show us how to get into the motor!!!

  22. where did you think the nylon cable from the old antenna went?

  23. where is the old nylon guide from the other antenna? you're going to insert that into the motor housing without removing the broken nylon line? wow.

  24. That John Denver is full of shit !!

  25. Can't get nylon cable fed — the motor runs, cleaned out but will not catch the nylon cable. — any suggestions

  26. Worked for me! 2003 Toyota Sequoia! Thanks! I love youtube!

  27. I kept waiting for him to break out singing "Sunshine on my Shoulders"

  28. Thanks guys, just replaced my aerial here in Sydney Australia. Great video, big help.

  29. Why would you not show the antenna motor disassemble?

  30. Uh, logic would have dictated that you also showed the removal of the motor…

  31. Thanks, with the video I did it myself rather than to the dealership and saved $200-300!

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