Dodge 1500 Ram Truck Serpentine Belt Alternative Video

Dodge 1500 Ram Truck Serpentine Belt Replacement Video How To DODGE FULL SIZE PICK UPS 1994 through 2001 Auto Repair …


  1. Thanks!! straight to the point!

  2. the belt has almost no give at all. about a inch too small

  3. Is there a different belt for non AC trucks

  4. was the belt tight to put sound how did you do it

  5. Is this the same for a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 VAN? I have the V-6 w/ no AC

  6. Does the belt need to go around the fan when replacing?

  7. Funerals? I'm on the funeral business. Partnership. At the east coast of Florida. Interesting business by the way. Your video save my Sunday. It's going to be a sweet, easy , relax Sunday for me. Than you ..

  8. I wanted to see you put it on, that's where most people have trouble.

  9. Thanks for the video. love how you went straight to business and didn't go into unnecessary explanations lol

  10. Thank you for the video. It helped a lot. I used an 18" length of 3/4 PVC slipped over the socket handle to gain more leverage in relieving the tensioner pressure. That way I was able to hold the tensioner back with my left inner elbow as I installed the new belt.
    You will hate me for this but it is pronounced serpentine (like Iodine) not surpenteen.
    Thanks again.

  11. Thanks much! Very helpful!

  12. You just made my night! OMG! Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. This video just saved me a bunch of $$$.

  13. How To Replace a Serpentine Belt on a Dodge 1500 Ram Truck 1994 thru 2001 Do It Yourself and save big money on Auto Repair Services by  

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