DIY Higher and Decrease Ball Joint Alternative Half 1 – Chevy Blazer Substitute Higher Ball Joint

Picked Fork Kit: Click here to find affordable ball joints that’ll help you tackle this job! This is the first video in a set …


  1. Click here to find affordable ball joints that'll help you tackle this job!

  2. really dude. I needed to see how to put the ball joint back on the arm. you used the pickle fork to take it off. how do u put it back on

  3. Great Job with this video explaining everything step by step and possible options that may need to be done! Top Notch thank you!

  4. What type of Grease Should I use for ball joints I bought lucas red n tack

  5. Hey Mark, those ball joints said they wont fit an LT is that correct?

  6. Can I use a 4wd ball joint on a AWD 2001 bavada

  7. is this the same thing same size bolts for a 99 gmc jimmy?

  8. Still curious as to why you would use a 36mm socket on a 35mm nut.?? And then I hear "All I have is an open-end 22mm". You sound like my brother. Why not buy some tools or at least the right tools?

  9. any other tips on how to take the ball joint off the upper arm if I dont have the air hammer? thanks

  10. Cant you just take off the rotor hub and caliper all in one piece for this particular job ?

  11. I've done this a few times. I've found Moog parts off eBay and grade 8 bolts are a better way to go. I've had the Chinese parts and bolts break before I even finish the job which tells me the cheap parts from the local stores aren't safe to use.

  12. hey mark. i just purchased a 2000 silverado and i was told i needed new upper and lower ball joints and they're quoting me $400+ for just the parts…i feel like i'm getting ripped off here and this is the second mechanic i've gone to that i feel like is ripping me off. thoughts?

  13. ball just studs supposed to be hard to get out of knuckle?

  14. I have just finished the drivers side tonight. A couple tips from me would be to 1st take off the wheel bearing its just a pita to try and avoid it, 2nd to install your grease zerks and then MAKE SURE they take the grease okay and finally it helped me a bunch to undo the sway bar link. I have polyurethane bushing but it gave me a lot of height to bolt the castle nut on. Thanks again for the videos!

  15. Please, please help!!! We were in an accident, the car hit our right front tire and above our right front tire. At the time, the body shop said the "alignment was fine" and replaced the tire. This was in October. This month, there is a "squelching" sound when I turn the steering wheel and a "squelching" sound (like a dog toy), when we go over bumps or hit potholes. I was told by Ford that it was the suspension. A small garage we went to, told me that "it was probably the tie rods" and he said he would put a small hole in the "boot" and fill it with lubricant. I told him I did not want this, but he did it anyway. It did not make the noise go away, but now I am concerned about what damage this may do—after the fact, I did some more reading and I found out this is not good at all. He also told me my tie rod was bad, and showed me how the front wheel would not move. I found out that this is a good thing for the wheel not to have a lot of play.
    Can you respond about all of this, please????

  16. Great video. Like others have said, saved me hundreds. Step by step and great visuals really give you confidence. I will just say to my fellow youtube/weekend warriors that this is a big boy job, especially if you still have the factory rivets (I did). Air hammer will sheer off the heads, no prob, but driving out the shafts was a bit*h. Air hammer/cut off wheel for rivet heads, angle grind flush, dimple, drill pilot, widen pilot til 3/4 rivet diameter, leave base of rivet intact, drive out w punch. Thread cutting spray makes a huge diff. Do that to two, and the others generally loosen right up. Whole job took me 5 hours a side easy. Check out this guy for a how to on the rivets.

  17. would this be the same procedure for a 1997 s10 blazer ( 4 wheel drive)   thanks

  18. Thank you so much! This is a great video. Picture is very clear, good audio, and I like how quick and to the point it is. I also love how you have the right tool for the job.

  19. What would the total time for this start to finish be to do this project

  20. i am about to replace both upper control arms on my jimmy, so thanks for these videos!

  21. This video is more about how to get a wheel off and take the brakes apart than the actual ball joint.

  22. Just bought a 99 Bravada I think this video will really help me thanks a lot.

  23. Best damned how to vid I've seen on ball joints bar none! Helped me save $500+ on labor, and I would not have attempted it after watching some other guides. This one was so on point I decided to do it myself. She drives and rides like a new truck! Many thanks, and I will check your vids for help first from now on!! Great Job!

  24. Hello how do i change the tie rod on my nissan sentra 05 and my ball jon to thank u

  25. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I got this job coming up. What sucks: I'm just trying to sell the truck but, gotta pass inspection so, break out the tools! At least I get to play with my new impact gun…

  26. Hi Mark thanks for the video, at around 8:30 your footage gets confusing. First you show tearing up rivets but then the bolts are left there in the next section/clip. Anyway, I have a pickle fork and I am struggling to separate the old ball joint from the assembly. I have already grinded and hammer chiseled the rivets and bolts off on the top old ball joint (before separating)… Did I mess up the leverage by taking the bolts off first before I used the pickle fork? Any help be great, would like to complete this DIY today on me 96 Chev. Blazer.  

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