Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis Higher and Decrease Ball Joint Change / Substitute 95-02

A video on how we changed out some ball joints on a 2000 Grand Marquis.


  1. I have a question: when your ball joints (upper and lower) are worn out, does your steering stiffen up?

  2. Thank you very much for this video!

  3. Will this work on a 2009 crown vic?

  4. Great video……right to the point…no fucking around….Sat. morn. i'll be doing the same to girlfriends 2000 grand marquis…

  5. We replaced the ball joint without the press used a stand back to help lift it up but ball joint was loose is it better to use a press? don't have one would have to rent.out one , thanks in advance

  6. Well I was under the impression I would be able to do this myself now I see that I was clearly mistaken

  7. "… i had to use a 24 inch breaker bar with a cheater pipe on top of that to have them slowly start budging, pressing them in for some reason they kept going in cockeyed too…"

    Chilton/Haynes says the ball joint is fused to LOWER (LCA) a-arm.

    These boot are pain in the ass, I used a socket to press the boot in the ball joint…"

    I was going to replace the LCA with a loaded (a-arm+ball) unit, but maybe thats even MORE work?

  8. How long did this job take start to finish? Thanks

  9. mark the adjustment cams " with a cold chisel or maker before you take the upper ball joint off and you will have a happy medium when your done not a perfect aliment but close enough to drive

  10. Outstanding video!! Now I'm going out to install mine…

  11. How much does a job like that will cost you?

  12. Buy MOOG. Its what I use.

  13. same with a mercury 1997 grand Marquis??

  14. Easy enough for a veteran, and only if more video's would be like the one you just shared, so many want to get all smart, only to see just how hard they have made things, not only for them self, but for anybody taking the suggestion, lol.
    Again, a big Thanks!

  15. Well done! As you can tell, working on the Ford panther models is very easy, thanks to its service-first design.. I wish all cars were like this.

  16. Wait what were you using to hit the pickle fork , that was quick

  17. Well done video – What's the difference betweet '94 and '95 Crown Vic ?
    just had right one collapse damn lucky no one in back of me and only going around a corner
    but I'm guessing that's when it's most likely to fail (ie making a turn – rather than going down the Interstate)

  18. I mean this video is great if you got a lift and a compressor.

  19. nice video where are u guys located

  20. Thanks for posting. Good info.

  21. Great video, clean speech (no expletives) made it so pleasant to view and listen to.

  22. very good informative video thank you very much

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