Chevy Impala three.four L Tune Up Spark plug and wires alternative

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  1. I have to crouch on the plenum just to get the ones on the back of my Impala, same model. >__<

  2. "For reasons we don't know". I know why, to save money and cram as much stuff under the hood lol

  3. Gracias por el video EE UU👍

  4. Why tf would chevy put plugs in the back !? I'm sore and tired af after just barely getting the first rear one off 😠 😠 😠

  5. What's the best spark plugs and wires to get for a 2002 Chevy Impala and why ?

  6. What's the order on the back b ones u lost me.

  7. Consider mentioning checking the Gaps of the spark plugs. That is pretty important…….

  8. Hey yo. Do you have any videos on '04 Alero with a 3.4v6?

  9. thank you for the video, just got done with my 01 impala aka speed goat. and those back plugs are a pain in the ass

  10. Great video… I feel like a fool for believing that the dealership should replace my tune up!

  11. Great video! I have the exact same year/model car. So I have a rough idle and was wondering if I could do the front 3 one day, and the back 3 another day and still drive the car normally?

  12. you never displayed the checking of spark plug recommend gap.

  13. John you shake the camera for like 5 minutes straight making me feel sick🤢

  14. Thanks John Can I change back first then front since it's easier to get to

  15. is it the same concept for a 02 Impala 3800 ?

  16. Why did you use regular replacement the old ones were platinum

  17. So, this is the same way on a '01 Monte Carlo?

  18. just changed my wife's plugs and wires today, it was a huge success thanks to your really good video giving step by step instructions. took me about 45 minutes to an hour. Keep up the good work.
    thank you

  19. I attempted this today and it's such a pain in the ass. I couldn't even get the back left boot off. I'm going to do it another day when it's not 30°F out.
    when I did the front right sparkplug, it felt like the boot didn't pop onto the sparkplug so I attempted to pull the boot back off so I could apply more lube to it but when I did… the boot ripped off the wire! the wire stayed connected to the sparkplug😑
    should it be fine if I push the boot back over the sparkplug??
    it seems to be running fine but I'm a novice when it comes to cars so I'm not sure if the boot will wiggle it's way off the sparkplug. which I highly doubt since it's such a pain to push the boot over the sparkplug but I really don't know.

  20. I'm going to attempt this! I'm pretty nervous because I've never changed sparkplugs before and everything ive replaced on my Impala has been a rusted turd.
    I'm thinking a mirror and a nice LED light would be very helpful.
    do you guys got any tips that could help me??

  21. ok just my own experience but removing the coil pack and ign module is a good idea, and on a Venture it's the only way to get to the plugs. After I removed the the coils and bracket I saw the split loom for the 7x ckp sensor was cracked and I checked the wires and the insulation had melted and the wire were bare. That 7x twisted pair(yellow purple) wire should be checked when you do your plugs. I'd rather replace a deteriorated connector than trace down a shorted wire.

  22. question… it's it the same process with the 2013

  23. If you release both front mounts and rock car then hit parking brake when engine is at most front position, you will get about half a foot space for rear

  24. Their website must be closed?

  25. Thanks for not putting on pesky background music!

  26. just did this on my friends impala, took about one hour and I did it without needing to remove the coil pack. a nice trick is to use the spark plug wire to hold the new plug so u can present the new spark plug in the hole.

  27. Can you make a video how to change the coil pack?

  28. can you make a video doing spark plugs on a 2010 chevy impala

  29. spark plug number one feels like the engine is in the way how did you get to it

  30. If I remove the alternator, would it create more space to get to the back spark plugs?

  31. You should try using a go pro with a light so we can see what your seeing;)

  32. Thank you for showing me what's involved. I used to help my dad change the spark plugs on his 83 Volvo. Of course it was a 4 Cylinder so only had 4. The job was a lot easier because the engine orientation so the spark plugs were situated from side to side and all you chad to change was the left or right side to change the ones you wanted to get to. I now know why my dealer charges so much because of the complexity and location of the plugs on my Impala. You guys are great ! It helps knowing how to do things. Keep up the great work !

  33. I'm doing my plygs an wiers on my 04 impala now what a pain in the ass

  34. what did you mean by better gas ?

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