Charging Port flex substitute for HTC One M8 Restore Information

HTC One M8 can’t charge or sync data? The HTC One M8 Charging Port teardown video here will help you to DIY replace the broken charging port flex.


  1. What's the little cable on 2:12 2:13 called? Thnx

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  3. I'm really happy, thanks to you, I managed to exchange my new battery on my HTC one m8👍👍👍.

  4. Thanks for this, got a little residual flicker on my screen but it's not too bad. I needed Torx T4 and T5 screwdrivers to open the lower screws and one on the back for the actual charging port flex respectively, luckily I had the T5 to hand too.

  5. Just finished changing my charger port after watching this video. Can i just say, although this video is good and its appreciated, the inside of your phone will be covered with black and silver tape, across all those little flat cables you have to take out, which is a nightmare to seperate as its the same size as the cable. Just take it really slow, dont break anything and slowly work the corner with your fingernail til you can rip it off. The phone in the video had obviously been took apart before so everything came away easy and all the tape was previously removed.

    Also, the power button will drop out when you remove the phone body from the case, make sure you pop it back in before you put the phone back in, i believe it goes in either way, it looks symmetrical.

    Oh and if you dont wear gloves, prepare to have your fingers go all tingly from holding the phone :P. Decharge the battery fully before attempting this

  6. how do i know if i should order double or single pin ?

  7. I've just done it… great cost me £6 for part from eBay and 45 minutes work. Easy job..

  8. Took me about two hours but my charging port seems to be back to normal. A few scratches around the edges of my phone but I think that's inevitable. Can't see them in a case anyway. Hopefully this will allow me to keep this phone another year or two. Thanks for the tutorial. You made the process slightly less nerve wracking.

  9. Excellent Guide…I had never even thought of ever attempting such a task but this guide made it a cinch to do. Thanks so very much!!!

  10. i did the replacement and now i can see the progress on the battery charge but i can´t tun it on does anyone know if i should wait until the battery is 100% or the button flex is also broken?

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  12. So, ya gonna show me how to put it back together?

  13. This video worked for me. I used 2 guitar picks and a razor blade to extricate the phone's guts from the phone's body. That part took about 7 minutes. One of the toughest parts for me was getting the flat cables reinstalled into their slots. On my first attempt, one of the cables looked like it was fully inserted but it wasn't. My advice is plug your phone in and see if it charges correctly before putting it back together. Also, be careful not to forget to put the on/off button back into the phone body before reinstalling the phone's guts. Thanks Wit Rigs

  14. There was a little adhesive on the underside (LCD-side) of my charging port board. I had to pry like I meant it. 😉 I was just checking this video to confirm I'd gotten everything I needed out of the way, once I confirmed, I just went after it. It was useful to double-check my work, thanks!

  15. I have to ask why do the guy have condom on his fingers ???

  16. Thanks for the video guys!! Helped me out many times!

  17. El mejor tutoríal que e visto

  18. I have one HTC One M8 Sprint model. Which should I buy: with one or two connectors?

  19. I need a video showing how to do it on Harman Kardon edition? Or is it the same?

  20. hi, I followed your guide to change charging port of my HTC m8. Everything works fine but I had an issue, namely when I took away the flat cable to discover the internal screw which secure the port, the plastic stop which secure the flat cable broke. I tried to fix it and put where it was but I didn't manage and finally I lost that little piece of plastic. So the phone works, the flat cable is where it has to be but it is not so secured and maybe at a certain point it will come out. There is a solution to secure the little flat cable without the plastic stop and without replacing the entire motherboard? thanks a lot

  21. Good video but I would put a small strip of tape on the blade so it doesnt scratch the rim of the phone as you lever the grills off.

  22. Thank you for this video. I successfully replaced my charger port with your video. I am however experiencing some weird GPS issue after reassembling. GPS is slow and not accurate even though GPS is set to high accuracy mode. Data and WiFi are working normally. Could this be caused by not reconnecting one of the cables properly, for example the white cable at 2:12 in the video?

  23. I tried this and wasn't as easy, then I watched your video again, seems you have everything pre disassembled. Either way I was able to do it, but was a bit tough. It's just not as easy are your "Pre Disassembled" Video was. Power button is a bit hard to press and Volume down doesn't work either, I re opened  inspected all parts, then closed, still same issue, with power button and Volume down button :o/  at least the port is working :o) Thanks again for your video.

  24. Awesome Video, I know i can do this. I have an Unlocked Version which charging port should i get? single cable or double? Thanks for your reply.

  25. Great video! This was my first time ever opening a phone, and I must say im pretty proud that I was able to do it in 30 minutes. And for the fraction of the price those repair stores charge.. I got quoted at around $90 to get it repaired at the mall, glad I did this DIY!

  26. WHAT SONG IS THIS??? I need to find it! Shazaam and Google both link it to some Trance/Techno/NOTTHISSONG song…. Please help!

  27. so I have an HTC M8 just like this video and I purchased the replacement port but I noticed along with that white wire you popped off on the bottom left corner, I have a lack one next to it. and no where on the replacement to put the black wire..

  28. I brought a mobile from eBay now charging port was not working isn't it charging ports of all htc m8 are same r differ wt to do the repairer asking 4000 I fixed to fix my self can help anyone

  29. Thanks for the video.just fixed my m8 with a cheap part from ebay

  30. Thanks for the video, it helped me out big time.

  31. Awesome video! Thought it would take me 3 hours. Did it in about 45 minutes. Hardest and longest part was getting screws and antennas? (I had 2) back in cause of the size. Thanks!

  32. shit ! why you don t explain how to put the new one ! bad

  33. Thanks for the Video, i have a question, replacing of port will effect to Network signal…?

  34. Great video! I just followed it step by step and installed my new charging port with ease! Thanks for the links to the charging port and tools, that made it really easy!

  35. I hope it works,I think I,m gonna try to do this. Than you.

  36. It looks very easy ! I think I m gonna try to replace my charging port. what glue should I use to mount the speaker case ?

  37. I bought the USB port from ebay for £4. My phone was only charging when I pulled the USB cord at a tight angle and the last couple of days it won't charge at all. Much cheaper than a new phone. Thanks for this. I hope it works.

  38. Which charging port would work with the T-Mobile One M8? The port with one connector or do I need to get the At&t version?

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