BMW 5 Sequence Brake Pad Substitute Tutorial 2004-2010

2004 to 2010 (E60, E61, E63, E64) 5-Series and 6-Series brake pads and sensor are easy to replace. Sensors are on front left and rear right side only.


  1. Thanks awesome info and video

  2. Thank you so much, I have a 525i and this helped, which I have changed brakes on all different types of cars before but I didn't want to break or screwed something up on my bmw. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hello I have the 2011 535I turbo is it still done this same way? Thank you

  4. Props for working in a dress shirt (and a "rolex looking" watch) 😉

  5. Nice Video I will be doing my 2008 550i in the morning, the bmw dealer is a complete Rip of for this job or any job lol keep the video's comin!!

  6. what about the reset light

  7. Not understanding the purpose of the c clamp. Why is it needed? Could you clarify?

  8. What are the dimensions (wide not thickness) of the rotors (front abd back)?

  9. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you so much! 

  10. Can we use the old sensors or do I have to buy new ones ??

  11. I just had my 2006 550i breaks replaced and all worked fine except for the rear passenger side I noticed that when bedding in the new breaks the rear one was scraping really bad. So I checked it out and the caliper seems be locked and the break pads where worn down bad and it scratched the rotors all around. What can I do to fix this problem?

  12. Thanks for the video.. can you tell me of i Can use my old sensor with my new brake pads and rotors ???

  13. Great video.. I have a question regarding the brake fluid?  Do you open the cap reservoir prior or starting the job?  Or do you bleed them?  

  14. This is a really handy guide and helped me successfully change my rear pads.
    I'd like to add that is a good idea to check the brake fluid reservoir level when resetting the brake cylinders, there is a guide on YouTube to remove the plastics to access the brake fluid reservoir.

  15. That's great! Thank you for the reply. Last question, how do I know if the rotors/sensor needs to be replaced? 545i is at 65k now but they were last replaced at 44k so I'm guessing sometime soon I'll have to do it. Thanks again!!

  16. What is the cost of doing this at the dealership versus the parts to do this on all four wheels? Also, how long to do all four wheels do you think?

    Thanks for the help!!

  17. how many miles before your next front brakes and rotor change again?

  18. Do more demonstrating as you talk. A picture is worth a thousand words. Film what you are doing the next Time. Watch out for shadows while you are filming.

  19. Hey Kent, this is Yash here 🙂 
    I recently bought a used 2007 BMW E60, and bumped into your video for changing brake pads! I love doing DIYs myself also, and have been planning to change the rotors and brake pads on my very old 2002 Sonata.
    Very cool to bump into you here! Great video! Thanks!

  20. Great Tutorial. Nice job.

  21. this vid helped me good first time i did it
    ones u done it its really easy job

  22. Good video, but you really should replace the rotors every pad change. Old rotors will be under required min thickness and could be dangerous to keep using. Also old rotors have been bedded in with the old brake pad material. New pads should be used with new rotors so they can bed in properly. Especially if you switched from oem material to ceramic. I'd personally stick with semi metallic. I'd rather have better braking performance and deal with more brake dust.

  23. I used the BMW grease packet. It is cheap to buy. Maybe you could use a lot of stuff. Maybe it will work just as well and not dissolve the rubber parts…maybe…
    They make a silicone grease for spark plug boots and electrical connectors I would trust. A petroleum based product will attack rubber over time.

  24. did you use grease instead of antiseize?
    would antiseize be ok to use?

  25. You may have to use sand paper to remove contaminated pad material. Clean the rotors too.

  26. Was it clear grease? Anything else could affect the plastic/rubber bushings. Be sure to use brake cleaner or alcohol to clean the rotors. Grease on the pads is bad. I hope you can clean it off without having ruined the pads. May have to get new pads.

  27. I also used the grease that you buy at AutoZone fir the brakes. Is that silicone?

  28. Yes I think I got and grease on the pads…I'll take it back apart tomorrow and clean up the grease with alcohol.

  29. Maybe something is binding up. BMW uses a floating caliper design so if the pins are sticky only inside pad will have force. So did you clean off pins and use silicon lube? Hope you did not get any lube on pads or rotor. I have seen warped/worn rotor cause jerking but if it was good before. If the rotors show any signs of wear I would replace. Take everything apart and look for anything amiss.

  30. Hi..I have a question. I replaced the font brake pads on my car 530I, but after replacing them, I noticed that the front left is jerking if I press the brake pedal hard or if I pump the brakes. Any ideas?

  31. Hi Kent excellent video. please show me how to flush the radiator, and brake fluids on the same car 530i. thanks. Have serviced your transmission fluids? Let me know. Great job

  32. As long as the old sensors are not damaged you can still reuse them. If you let the pads get too worn and the light came on, get new ones.

  33. If I want to change pads, do I need to replace sensors too ?

  34. I replaced the front pads on my 2004 525i using your video for guidance. All went well and the new brakes are working well. As noted by Nigel15oo, the front retaining clips are tricky but I was able to get them on without any help (just used a screwdriver to help push the middle of the clip back in place). I did spill a little brake fluid out after I compressed the second piston. Thanks for your help, I guess I save a few hundred bucks (I did it for $80 including the wear new sensor).

  35. I know the front pads are much larger but I though would be similar job. Post back comment explaining problem and solution to help others reading the comments.

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