Blur – A Launcher Alternative

Play Store Link: Welcome to Blur, our launcher replacement! ** Please note that this …


  1. Nice work on this launcher but how do I add my own application to the card picker?

  2. Having a G2 with TapOn, I really need a launcher with Double Tap to Sleep or at least an assignable option. I noticed you have a Twitter page but what about Facebook? I plan on trying this out and it seems fully featured. Also what about Hiding Apps from the Drawer?

  3. Pana ese es un buen teléfono….

  4. why is john krasinski reviewing apps

  5. Im saying something interesting

  6. Sorry, but just don't get it. Very confused right now

  7. what is the name of the clock widget?

  8. Dev.
    Dev is not Deve.
    Dev is not Deev or Deav.
    The E in Dev is like the E in bed or Ted.
    Nice launcher…

  9. Hey, great app, just downloaded. One question, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but what's the effect on the battery life?

  10. Nothing its better than Google Now. Period.

  11. Hey +Luke Klinker great idea! I love extensible apps. Just a tip: next time try to project your voice outward a bit more. You'll sound clearer and will keep a listener hooked better. Otherwise great presentation of a great app, now we need to wait for devs to create pages. 😉

  12. man… it's very interesting, but maybe you can make it more flexible… i mean, more gesture features with the ability to change them and the possibility to add shortcuts, for example.
    For me it's impossible to use a launcher without shortcuts.
    Anyway, nice work man! good luck and keep it up!! Cheers!

  13. Ankeny huh, Waterloo here looks great! I've yearned for something similar to this for awhile, seems Google is going the way I wanted. For instance I have my first Samsung S (Mesmerize) from Us Cellular still. Not activated but, I flashed a zip making it wifi only and its running damn IDK it's been awhile the boot splash is like a biohazard symbol but blue older Rom. Anyway I turned it into a glorified mp3 player which I like to refer to as Mezp3 lol, I used Gone Mad Media Player and wanted to instead of having a full screen widget, I wanted to completely replace a screen dedicated to GMMP alone. This is how it's headed. From what I see here.




  15. Great app and Wonderful wallpaper! Where can we find it? Thanks!

  16. Hi, can you tell me what background you are using?

  17. why is the hour digit in bold and minutes not?
    omfg what a mess
    the world doesnt need more bullshit like this

  18. Deev? And what icon pack is that?

  19. LOVE the new Launcher. However the Talon Page has been acting a bit faulty. Sure it's just bugs. Everything else is moving pretty smoothly. Can't wait to see what comes next from this!

  20. What icon pack are you using during this clip??

  21. ha ha deev…cool launcher bro. =)

  22. What kind of phone were you using?

  23. You guys create such beautiful apps. 

  24. huge fan of talon and evolve.. you guys are doing great work. cheers

  25. Also have to say it is 'dev' (short for developer) and not 'deev' (short for deva? Or de-veloper – whatever a veloper is)

  26. This looks great!  Out of curiosity: are you running the L preview? Can you link that wallpaper?  And does the launcher's cards page scan your inbox for info such as flight schedules, etc?

  27. Es tan simple que parece de google….. una mala copia….

  28. Excellent launcher! Something new and refreshing. I've been amazed by all your apps and purchased most of them if not all 🙂 well done sir.

  29. If you could let me know what Icon pack is that, I would greatly appreaciate it

  30. I like the twitter idea on the home page, but no one uses 'google now'…

  31. Does anyone know the calculator app?

  32. Pagaré el dinero que sea por este launcher

  33. Does anyone know where I could find that wallpaper?

  34. "Deev"? Who taught you how to pronounce dev?

  35. Just when I think launchers or other apps are mimicking each other, something new and creative comes. This is pretty darn neat.

    I still have MMS issues on EvolvSMS though. It works one day and then stops for a long time. No setting configurations helps. It would be gold if that would work consistently.

  36. When I go to the page picker, it won't give me talon as an option. I have talon updated to the latest version. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting in talon to enable the feature in the blur app?

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