Axle Alternative – 97 Honda Civic

Axle replacement on a 1997 Honda Civic. Looks like the civic is similar for the 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 model years – Sixth generation – EX, DX, LX, …


  1. Crap! I could not remove the nut from the lower control arm. The pin broke and i had to drill it out. Then the nut got round from me trying to unscrew it. Now i need to cut the crown nut and i hope i will manage it without more extra job. My civic is rusty!

  2. My axle on my drivers side won’t go all the way inside the transmission. Can someone help or give me a tip?

  3. 97 hating dislikes from Mercedes car owners

  4. The best most efficient method I've seen of all the videos. Great work!!

  5. this could cause a leak for transmission fluid right?

  6. Thanks much for the well-made, concise video!!

  7. What length axle did you install? Confused by AutoZone site as there seems to be more than one length for either side. Thanks!

  8. I noticed he referred to the transmission fluid as "oil" but then he actually proceeded to top off the transmission with what appears to be a quart of Castrol SAE 10W30. Surely this cannot be correct

  9. Awesome video. Very nice quality and tips. Going to see more =)

  10. I watched this and just went out to the shop and pulled both drive axles. Everything was a little more stuck on my car (to be expected where I am) so it took me a while but the instructions were perfect.

  11. Good instructional video and very easy to follow, I now very confident to tackle this project.  Thumb up.  Thanks.

  12. What impact do you have there? It seems pretty strong

  13. good video but i do have a question! do we need an alignment after swapping out the driveshaft ? cuz you opend ur lower control arm and put it back that might have screw up ur steering right there ?? thanks

  14. Yo are these parts interchangeable? I have 96 civic hatch and not sure if all the parts from 1990-2000 are capadble

  15. Great video. will come in handy when replacing my b series alternator

  16. I have a 97 civic with a accord tranny, do I need accord CVs or will Civic CVs fit?

  17. Wat oil you talking about lol

  18. I got left and rigght front cv axles for a 97 honda civic at 147.12 cents at autozone they are new with warranty

  19. This dude is a beast man!!! Is it that easy on the passenger side of a civic that body style with the DOHC motor? I have a 99 si.

  20. Music should be turned done a bit for videos.

  21. 3:20 There is no screw which hold the axle to transmission? it s like unsecure

  22. good job excellent video i want know if is necessary replace the trasmission seals

  23. And this is why I love working on older Hondas. It doesn't get easier than that. Great video. Thank you.

  24. What's your jack's lift height? Need to get one that goes that high. Also where'd you put the jack stands?

  25. Hey so what if I already removed the trans and motor? I watched your other video on removing the trans before. Now I have a empty bay and just the axles hanging. Do I put it back down with wheels and then pull? Do I have to remove the axle nut on the rotor? Any tips or advice would help. Love your videos btw

  26. Thanks for the helpful vid man , this makes it seem alot easier. P.S the strut nut is welded onthe the strut so usually no wrench is needed. if you see it turning the welds have broken.. happened to me a couple times

  27. Nice video. But instead of removing the wishbone bolt, I would have removed the inner CV joint , instead. It's easier..

  28. Very helpful video. Thanks A LOT Paul!

  29. Great view, great lighting, great video.

  30. im going to do this with my 1993 honda civic is the process pretty much the same?

  31. Thank you for your video Paul. Being my first Honda, I just changed both axles in my 2000 civic, and it was easy after watching you do yours. I'm glad I changed the trans oil, it looked like it had never been done by previous owners, lol. Very good video!

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