Axe & Hammer Deal with Substitute – Methods to do it OldSchool

How to do-it-yourself instructional on replacing wooden handles on axes and sledgehammers using traditional wooden wedges and steel wedge staking.


  1. Why didn't you just burn the handle off ?

  2. You never put an axe from the side where it should end ,its gonna fall of.

  3. Thank you! Quite well done. You probably should have mentioned that burning the old handle out is NOT recommended. Thank you for the video!

  4. Can you use a screw to temporary keep the handle tight and if so please reply what kind of screw to use

  5. Fast, simple and quality job. I did a maul right after watching this and the glue isn't even dry yet but know it is done right/

  6. Thumbs up for the Rome joke. I'm working on restoring grampa's old hatchet. Thanks!

  7. hey man that is very instructional video. i put a new haft on my axe for first time and i did decent. could be better. i feel alot more confident after seeing this video. i have quite the collection of axe heads, now time for some new handles. thanks

  8. Thanks for the video, I wish I saw it before I put a new handle on my axe , but I did get it pretty close. The glue is a nice tip, I appreciate the info, and your succinctness in conveying the proper techniques, something sadly missing these days!

  9. I also epoxy the handle on shovel and other socketed tools. Tool handle replacement is easy, but very few people do it.

  10. I did not know the half inch rule thanks!

  11. Thanks for the nifty information. I've always found it such a pain in the "proverbial" when I have to replace a broken axe or maul handle.

  12. Have you found a preference to wood type? I"m considering ash or elm as I dont live in a region with hickory. Or is Hickory superior and worth tracking down.

  13. Split the top of my handle while driving in a steel wedge. Still seems tight, is this something that will compromise the longevity of the handle? And experience with this situation? Thanks

  14. If you could answer a question I have I would appreciate it. Bassically, I am trying to find out what meterial/wood is best used for the wedge which is inserted into the top of the handle. I have read a few comments that suggest that soft wood is better than hard. Is that true? I am also wondering if useing hickery is applicable?

  15. get your mineral oil at a farm supply co, 1gal jug for next to nothing, I think i paid $12.  Used as animal laxitive 😉

  16. I am replacing 4 axe handles and 2 splitting maul handles, and I have been watching videos on hanging the tool heads and proper maintenance with linseed oil and all, but I cant find any information on applying paint on the handles. Some tools I notice have half red painted handles and I am wanting to do something similar for three reasons: First as a high visibility feature incase it gets dropped it will be easy to see in the leaves. Secondly, as a way to personalize the axe and make it mine and easily identifiable. And finally as a quick reference measuring point so that I know I have the right size log that will fit into the fireplace.
    In what part of the process should I add paint? I assume it should be AFTER I have done the saturation with oil because once its on it wont take oil any more? But on that note, is it a bad idea to paint a handle since once it is painted it cant soak up any oil any more? After I have painted it will oiling the handle do anything to the wood where the paint is on it?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Looks like you should have put the heads further down onto the shoulder. Two ways to skin a cat I guess.

  18. Big big thanks for this video. Dad's old ax just snapped on me.! Boy was it a stress to get the handle off. My solution. Burn the sucker off. I just left it in the stove. Blackens the head but works.. Saves chipping away.

  19. Excellent tip on marking the bottom of the kerf and driving the head so that the bottom is 1/2" below the kerf.  

  20. I just can't say it again , just great 

  21. very well done , the video get you into the point without wasting any time , that is how it should be done , thank you

  22. I did my hatchet and when you look down the handle the head is leaning left is that bad?

  23. Thank you, very well done

  24. Always wondered about this!

  25. ps: j'aimerais apprendre à bricoler, ça peut rendre service. je connais beaucoup de choses sur les plantes et les arbres mais pour le bricolage je suis nulle ! :X

  26. Excellent video ! Great sharing.
    Th-up. I wish you a beautiful new week.

  27. This was awesome and surprisingly therapeutic. Great job!

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