AC Compressor Clutch Restore / Substitute – Nissan Altima – DIY – Half 2

Required replacement parts: Genuine Nissan (92660-JA00B) AC Clutch Assembly …


  1. Very informative video. One question…do you remember what size bolt is holding the clutch?

  2. very good video, if you have impact screw driver it will break that allen head bolt loose w/o having to grind on it

  3. if you just remove the clutch do you have to bleed the refrigerant?

  4. Forgot to mention the clearance or gap in the clutch. Different sizes of washer accommodate for this. As far as for those that don't know if the clutch is bad, a simple continuity test between the red and black wire will do. Checking for voltage across the two wires is your first step, to make sure that the AC climate control, fuse, and relays are all working properly. Great video !!! and Yes!!! eBay is the best place to purchase your parts. Just bought one for under $18 free shipping got here in 2 working days.

  5. I just did this on a 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5L. I was able to get the bolt out with a 1/4 inch impact driver using a 5MM hex head socket. I also heated the bolt up with a heat gun before using the impact driver since it has thread locker on it; not sure if this really helped or not. I used a clutch holding tool to hold the clutch plate while removing the bolt. The bolt is very tight but I was able to get it out without damaging it. Everything else came off without any problems; I didn't need a puller. You will need a set of snap ring pliers.

    Here are the tools I used:

    Impact Driver –

    Clutch Holding Tool – (The clutch plate does not have holes but this can be adjusted to hold against clutch plate.)

    Snap Ring Pliers –

    Clutch assembly – (I had already troubleshot the issue down to the clutch coil but went ahead and ordered the whole assembly. The pulley in this kit was about 1/2 inch larger than what came off the car so I did not use it. Also, the bolt that came with this kit is a bit too long; it would bottom out in the shaft before getting it tightened. I was able to use the original bolt since I didn't destroy it; I put blue loctite on it. The 2008 Altima FSM says 9 ft/lbs torque but I just tightened it with the lowest setting on the impact driver.)

  6. The vid is a waste of time..Does not show how to get the lulley off which is the main problem !!!!

  7. Why didn't you show how to remove the electrical connector?

  8. pepboys tried to fix mine for $1500. lol. Thanks to this video, I saved $1100!!

  9. Awesome video! I used it to get all the way to removing the electromagnet, but, the center shaft bolt sheared completely off, and it's stuck in there and will NOT turn and no drill bits I've tried will drill into it… hmmm? suggestions?

  10. sir i need job i have xperns

  11. What about checking the gap to the clutch disc to the pulley? are you not supposed to do that? without the proper gap you will fry the new coil.

  12. Like the video but the music is distracting and there is no spoken words to explain the actions. It would be better if the music were deleted (I turned it off, once there was no hope for spoken explanations.

  13. Thank you this is one of the best step by step video I have seen. really helpful

  14. You're right. That doggone hex head bolt is nearly impossible to remove. I stripped out the head with an electric impact wrench yesterday. Couldn't get a good angle on it. Now I'm waiting for a set of bolt extractors, easy outs, and extension bars to come in. And I also ordered a longer 14 mm wrench for extra leverage on the idler pulley. What a PITA job… if only I could get the bolt out, the rest seems like a walk in the park! Thanks for making this video…. just to be sure, the bolt isn't right hand threaded, correct?

  15. How you remove the bolt with the compressor installed, it real pain in the ass, my was broken inside and I can't use a bolt removed.

  16. Is this process the same for a 2000 Maxima?

  17. temachok did u buy the clutch in ebay? if so can u pls post a link were u got it from. thanks

  18. thanks for the video it's really helpful

  19. Great video! How can you tell from the video is the clutch is/was bad? (Pardon my noobness)

  20. QUESTION, you completely skipped what you use to pull the clutch pulley assembly off the compressor shaft! these assemblies are different from GM, Ford etc. What type puller would be used? ??

  21. That aluminum line is not a refrigerant line , it's part of the power steering system.

  22. How to know if you A/C compresson is died or just a clutch?

  23. What size is the bolt for replacement?

  24. i have a 2009 rogue and all of a sudden the ac went out, the clutch is not engaging, i am able to turn the clutch its kind of hard to turn, does that sound like something you experienced with the compressor?

  25. Sweet!!! I'm replacing my ac clutch as soon as the clutch arrives… Thanks for the vids!!!

  26. Great video to bad you can't talk

  27. Hi,

    Thank You for the video. When everyone describes the bolt as pain in the you know what… it sounds as if it's hard to break lose.

    Im at it spinning free without any it coming out. With and without holding clutch plate.

    Is this what you experienced?

  28. I can not get that damn bolt off I have tried and tried put a long flat head on it even gone as far as putt in a air wrench on the end of my screw driver and it hasn't moved at all…. Any suggestions?

  29. does your ac not turned off ? my AC is on full blast when I turn it on and there's no way of stopping it. it doesn't blow from the vents when it's on off but from the bottom near the gas pedal in the corner. but if I turn it on to any level it'll start blowing the same through the vents no matter what.

  30. Thanks for the video – the trick to removing the screw is heat. If you heat the screw (heat gun or propane torch) the loctite will loosen and the screw is easy to remove.

  31. nice video man but you killed it with the loud music

  32. Did the same on a Nissan Rogue 2008. Neaded a Puller for the pulley (30$ CanadianTire) . Never found a replacement clutch, but found the coil on ebay for 50$. Ac now working Great !

  33. i saw a guy replacing a compressor on the altima on another video.  if you were to replace the compressor can you still get to the bolts on the compressor after removing the tire and shield like you did. because the guy in the other video removed the condenser and radiator and grill from the front. that is allot of stuff to remove

  34. i missed the part how you removed the pulley and old clutch from the compressor shaft?

  35. Hello, if you had to take out the compressor would you have to take out the alternator?

  36. average video. doesnt show anything about removing clutch plate rivets to insert holder to loosen 10mm bolt. not sure where that ac came from but ive never see one with the bolt missing

  37. Okay well I notched it gave it a big turn with the trusty flat head and snap. Now I have half a bolt head. So should I just cut the entire bolt off, slide pulley over it, then try to remove the bolt with vise-grips? Or just smack it with a sledge hammer?

  38. I hate the new YouTube format

  39. So if compressor is not engaging and not getting power can it be the clutchm

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