’93 Chevy Silverado EGR Solenoid Substitute

Check Engine trouble code 32. In this case it was a faulty solenoid valve.


  1. holy fuck and i been wondering how to check the codes cuz i got a 95

  2. I got code32 when I'm on the interstate or driving fast the check engine light comes on vehicle seems to struggle going up hills at higher speeds like it's got a loss of power and when you first crank the vehicle and idles up and down up and down

  3. Este es el mejor sistema

  4. Does that little filter stay on there?

  5. This is awesome, I've been getting a Code 32 from my Chevy truck as well. Thank you for this video, I've learned a lot!

  6. Manejando en carretera, se me presento ese codigo 32 lave el multiple de admision, estaba lleno de carbon, y esa era la falla, no era el solenoide de la egr. Muy buen video gracias amigo farmboy saludos de monterrey n.l. mexico ( saludos a mr.trump jejeje)

  7. I'm not doubting the problem or how you fixed it. But your dash panel layout doesn't look like a '93. Dads is a '93 Silverado and his panel is way different. I don't believe it'll make much of a difference within the year ranges, as far as electronics and computer programming. Just configuration and slight design differences. Not barking at ya or calling you anything. Just observing a difference.

  8. I'm having an issue where it sounds like it's piping popcorn in the exhuast and that's causing it to run rough then eventually stall out, but always cranks over no issue, I know it's a misfire but I'm not sure what's causing it, I've replace map sensor, retimed, full tune up including plugs fuel filter wired distributer cap and rotor…. it's fine when you give it gas to go on the streets, but parking it or going slow like 10 mph it starts idling rough… any help would be appreciated

  9. Thanks man… I'll try this …

  10. great video I love it I don't remember you saying what the problem was what was the problem that that solenoid caused?

  11. I have a 92 chevy C1500 ext cab with a new goodwrench engine from summit racing but I used the same accessories from old 5.7 engine. The truck turns on fine every morning but if I were to drive for like at least 20 minutes and then I get to my destination and i turn off the engine , but if I then need to be out on the road right away then there's like a 50/50 chance it won't turn on, then I have to wait anywhere from an hour to 2 hrs for it to turn on. This issue actually happened since the the truck had the old engine so that makes me believe this issue has something to do with the accessories? The truck runs fine otherwise, and also my cruise control don't work

  12. Other than the check engine light coming on, Did you notice any other symptoms of the car?

  13. For anyone that needs GM OBDI trouble codes, here's a list:

  14. Thanks. I went and bought a ECM (OBD 1) Code reader for $29.99 Paperclip huh….. Dang it… But hey as long as that diaphragm thing moves freely it's ok right? I'm working on a 87 Pontiac Firebird 2.8 V6 and got Codes 32, 33, 34, and 45. After the cars runs for a couple minutes check engine light comes on and it almost stalls, then idles rough at about 600 RPM. I'll check the solenoid. Thanks for posting.

  15. Good info. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Not sure if you had this hard starting issue I went thru everything all new distributor and ended up being the oil pressure sensor. Thanks for the video help me out

  17. "whaimdo, whaimdo is imon checkit" lol nice video

  18. well done..and done here!

  19. Bad EGR valve will cause low speed driveability problem. With a new EGR and a working solenoid the check engine light shows up on mine some times at cruise speed. In the 91 book, there is a procedure for jumping that forces the EGR to activate via the solenoid. My EGR was open all the time letting in exhaust at low speed because the spring was weak from heat cycles. I gave up as my drivability problem was solved with the new EGR. The check engine light is annoying but intermittent and always at highway speed.

  20. Thanks for the paper clip information. I forgot which terminals to plug into, Thanks

  21. I have a 94 chevy and when I run about 25 m.p.h. it sounds like it has a monster cam in it.any idea what it could be?

  22. "Ive been having this truck since i got it" haha . Good video bro

  23. i get a code 32 on the highway sometimes….weirdest thing ..i cleaned EGR valve and passages it runs and idles fine. only ever does it in highway driving. i just live with it its a 92 so does not need emissions test anymore.

  24. Code 12 is all i am getting over and over 95 chevy 5,0

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