2011 Chevrolet Suburban working lamp bulb alternative

Here’s what you need to do to replace a bulb in your 2011 Suburban head lamp assembly.


  1. After watching this, I've decided to go to LED bulbs. Local mom and pop store will install LED's for $300 (estimate) seems kind of high but hopefully I'll never have a bulb outage issue again. Thanks for posting, I knew it wasn't just my lack of mechanical ability that thought this job was awfully difficult. Not very difficult if you know what you're doing, but goodness why would Chevy make you remove so much stuff just to change a light bulb?!?!?

  2. Apparently, you enjoy doing this repair

    Use LED bulbs

  3. Thank you sir, God bless. Huge help.

  4. They charge 120$ at the dealership to replace any of the bulbs on the headlights. And that's not including the bulbs.

  5. thanks I just changed my daytime running light bulb for the first time, I have a 2012 Chevy tahoe an I'm a female people said I couldn't do it but I did an by myself, thanks again!!

  6. ALL THOSE bolts & parts to remove JUST TO REPLACE A BULB! GM Making it soo difficult to replace bulb is ABSOLUTELY INSANE! This is my 1st time owning a GM vehicle. I currently have a Benz & a BMW & their engineers makes it easy to replace bulbs because they know that this is something soo easy enough that majority of the owners will replace the bulbs themselves.
    I WILL definitely make this a factor next time i buy a GM! Those GM Engineers are nothing but a bunch of clowns. I picked a Suburban because i want a vehicle that can seat 8 passengers & still have a GIANT LUGGAGE ROOM. Benz & BMW unfortunately Does not make such vehicle, hence my choice, but after experiencing this STUPIDITY…it's hard for me to justify STUPIDITY like this!
    I'm posting this to ALL relevant videos to get GM's attention so that they dont commit the same STUPIDITY again!
    Thanks for posting this video.

  7. 2 more screws from inside wheel well and 3 minutes the whole lamp assembly comes out ..

  8. Great video! Very helpful. I replaced the passenger side running light on a 2011 Suburban and was able to squeeze my hand behind the grill as you suggested after loosening the 10mm bolts. I did not have to go through the wheel well as the headlamp assembly loosened up after removing the two bolts on top as you have shown. I just wanted to leave a comment as somebody else may be able to avoid this step on the passenger side. I will continue to follow your channel – great advice thanks!

  9. Thanks. I never would have figured that out by myself. This helped a lot.

  10. Great help. Just did the job and it went really good because if your help.

  11. You just saved me a trip to the stealership, 2009 Tahoe…Thanks!

  12. Thanks to a special lady that recommended me to watch YouTube, M.W.

  13. Had one replaced 2010 avalanche at the dealer several months ago , he said all he did was reach down behind the assembly and popped it out. Hard to believe after watching your video, thanks, just another reason not to trust the dealer.

  14. Believe it or not, I did watch this video a month ago. I probably should have said something. You know I can't resist a Suburban video. Thanks

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