2001 Dodge Ram heater core substitute

2001 Dodge Ram heater core replacement.


  1. Those that saved hundreds on the use of this info .Send this guy a couple buck's since he saved you hundreds it be the right thing to do . Just saying

  2. Hey great video..I have a standard floor shift Dodge would the process of replacing the heater core be similar? Thx 😀

  3. OMG! Cut those stupid aluminum hoses on the heatercore & run high temp rubber hoses through the fire wall & hose clamps to hold the hoses on.. Easy, safe, & reliable

  4. LOL DUMBASS HALF ASSED HILLBILLY!!! This should be called how not to replace a heater core by J Willie the Hillbilly. You fucking butchered this car.

  5. I helped a friend do this today. The new heater core has tubes that swivel. Unfortunately, that was not sufficient to drop the new core into the HVAC box. We had to remove the computer in the engine compartment to access the two nuts on bolts coming through the firewall (passenger side far left firewall) just as this video shows, and then one nut on bolt in center of firewall (above the transmission dipstick in video). That was not enough to loosen the box. At 15:00 in this video, there is another nut holding onto a long bolt in the upper right side of dash, passenger side by the kick panel. That one has to come off. That allowed us to pull the box forward and slip the new core in. One more comment about the lone bolt in center of firewall. It came off from the back of the HVAC box as we were trying to reinsert it through its hole in the firewall. It took some time to reposition it. Could Dodge have made this repair more difficult?

  6. "No water" lol i dont know about you, but i put coolant mixed WITH water in my cooling system

  7. I have a 1999 Dodge Ram and I must say, a Chiltons manual pays for itself. Thanks for the video, it helped to see what everything looks like before tackling.

  8. number 8 socket? You mean 8mm? Number 13? You mean 13mm? Star drivers? You mean torx bits? lol good job! It dont matter what ya callem as long as the job is done. Call the snickers bars for all I care. Meet with success is final tally.

  9. Thank you J this video was very helpful…

  10. quick question. do you remember where you got the dash cap?

  11. The ground strap prevents electrolysis of the heater core. there is no need to cut the insulation on the cowling, loosen heater/ac box in front like shown. after heater core is removed. take a hack saw and cut the plastic that the core slides into. then use a good 3M tape to tape up the plastic that was removed around the installed heater core. removal and replace of heater core is only 2 hours!

  12. about to do mine thanks for video

  13. I just can't do it… I can't listen to this. I'll find the last few hidden bolts/nuts myself. it sounds like you're talking to a damn toddler. radiator fluid….. ITS CALLED COOLANT!

  14. I just did mine no cutting it went right in didn't even undo the bolts in the engine compartment

  15. That heater core is very similar to a 07 Ford F-150. I had to take the steering wheel off and disassemble the whole dash. You want to take the whole A/C – heater unit clear out of the truck so you can flush all the antifreeze out that leaked into the unit cause otherwise it leaves a film in the unit that will cause your windows to fog up every time you turn on the heater. Plus it stinks.

  16. Looks like you are in Texas.

  17. Hey man thanks for the video it was incredibly helpful these things are a bear to change just like the lower ball joints

  18. I'm about to get started on mine.

  19. Good Vid. i guess some one could cut the aluminum tube lines and just run the Rubber cooling hoses closer to the heater core if u could not or did not want to pull the heater core box away from the firewall. or use compression fittings on the aluminum tubing if someone was to cut them and put them through the holes then rejoin them mid point.

  20. awesome video, exactly what I needed. thank you!

  21. thank you so soo much! I'm about to do a heater core on a 2003 ram 1500 only it's a manual trans. I'm hoping it isn't a whole lot different other than center console removal.

  22. don't need to cut windshield out. our cut pad!!! Undo the four bolts from engine side of fire wall

  23. Do yourself a favor and have the wind shield pulled before you start. You wont have the cut the pad or remove the blower unit bolts either. Job takes 2 hours this way.

  24. Did your steering column drop when you removed those bolts?

  25. "Radiator fluid?" REALLY? WTF did you go to "haw ta' bee 'aw mukaneek" school?

  26. Thanks for the vid! It totally helped me get the job done!! Screw all the ass clowns that have nothing good to say.

  27. excellent video. You went in and figured it out. Killed it man. I'll be doing mine now, thanks.

  28. give you a b-for effort would have saved you time to drain the ac and pull the whole box out instead of butchering up the heater core ive replaced several of these heater cores but to each his own i guess

  29. this is the worst instructional ive ever seen, you never have to cut or mod anything to replace stock parts

  30. I did mine on a -10f day… not fun!

  31. this guy is a grade a dumbass! pull the damn hvac duuuuugghh

  32. Thanks for posting this video. It's a huge help !!!

  33. Great video. Before you lower the steering column,be sure you disconnect the thin wire that is connected to the gear shift, which displays park, reverse, drive. The wire is on the underside of the steering column.

  34. I think some of the problems you had like having to release that module under the cup holder and the heater box were fairly foreseeable and if you had done that to start with it would have not been necessary to cut that padding. Having said that, this is the most detailed instruction video yet and the one I would point people too. Excellent work…

  35. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Great job.

  36. thanks for the video changed my heater core today in 2hrs no problem

  37. this video helped alot did mine in 3hrs

  38. Thanks for posting this! Just did the heater core in my 01 Ram.

  39. you have to go in the hood there is the black air tank take that loose it there is a bolt there one behide the computer to right hand side that i bolt to the right hand side under the window blower one on were the ground wire is you have to pull out the blower big black case out then put it on have fun just did it 3 hrs ago

  40. I woukd also like to thank you for taking the time giving every step in details. keep making videos like this, very helpfull.

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