1994 Ford Ranger liter engine water pump alternative

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  1. thank you for the info , very helpfull ..well done ..

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I have to change the water pump in my ‘96 Mazda B3000, after watching your video I do feel very confident on tackling this task. As a way to pay your back for sharing this information I’m subscribing to to your channel.
    Thanks again and keep up your outstanding work !

  3. Great Video!!I wish more repair vids were this good.

  4. Awesome! You saved me a great deal of time and headaches especially with the ac brackets bolts!very knowledgeable mechanic thanks!

  5. Dude you are one of the people who do these videos right. Well edited and nice clear camera work.

  6. hello friend could help l need to know how many pounds you have to tighten the water pump of FORD RANGER XLT 99 3.0 tanks..

  7. Audio sucks and why fast forward when you remove the parts

  8. wow awesome watching this video took me 20 min to take the pump out thanx

  9. My mom asked me if I could change her water pump last week. I figured itd be easy enough. Getting to it today and man… I should be a lot more careful with the favors I put myself up to hahaha. Thanks for the video, I know you saved me a couple hours worth of figuring all this stuff out. The shop was gonna charge her $250 for this.

  10. My friend's '96 Ford Ranger 3.0 just went into his mechanic with a failed water pump. I tried to convince him we could do the job ourselves and save him a LOT of money, but he's sticking with his mechanic who quoted $1,200 (10-hours of labor!) for this job, and a lifetime warranty on the water pump (?) itself, but not the labor, of course. My efforts to convince my friend the 10-hours labor seemed excessive for this job, based on your video and a few others I've seen, were not successful!

  11. tighten what to the left? I did not get that part?

  12. Nice video. Good, clear directions on how to do the job! Thanks!

  13. good job bro GOD BLESS

  14. What do it mean the three front ones 5:16

  15. I changed sparkplugs on 2 different aerostars so I think having watched this video I am ready to tackle this water pump. You are right though about Ford. However they're not the only ones that engineer their autos in such a way that it is obvious that they have a hate on for mechanics.

  16. Other than working for Fiat I would like to say that your video was very helpful and made me realize that this job was more of a pain than I want to tackle, so I will leave it to the pros.

  17. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. This really helped me out. Thank you for saving me and my family some money for do it yourself.

  18. Thanks so much for making this video! Really helped me with my waterpump replace on my ranger!

  19. good vid.
    just take a pic or pics with your cameraphone instead of sketching the belt diagram.
    i must've taken 50 pics of my cherokee 4.0 when i did head gaskets on BOTH of them.

  20. Great video. Very informative with great camera angles for better understanding.

  21. Thanks for this video it helped my husband out alot, he hasn't been in a garage since 2010 when he was laid off with a few other mechanics. He still does side jobs once in a while an he really enjoyed the video a lot thanks.

  22. Hi, I have a 1990 Ford Ranger 2.9l V6 and would like to replace the distributor cap and rotor and spark plugs and wires. Well, it looks really tight where these parts are located… Would love to watch one of your videos for this make and model… Do you have a video for this truck doing these repairs..? Thanks! Keep up the helpful videos! God Bless!

  23. I'm about to change my water pump so I believe this video will be of great help! Thank You!

  24. Thanks bro. Appreciate you posting this.

  25. Thank you very much for this. I was about to take on this task blindly but this video really makes me feel confident that I'll do it right. again, thank you

  26. Tip:
    1. Use antiseize on the bolts to prevent future problems with removing them.
    2. If you don't have the pulley tool, you can use a pipe wrench to grab the flange that the pulley screws onto (14" pipe wrench should do), but if you can rent the pulley tool that will always be the best.

    Definitely change that bottom radiator hose while everything is easily accessible. I also changed the belt and upper hose, too.

  27. This was a huge help, Thanks!

  28. Thanks for the tutorial. I just started this project and scratching my head. Ford sure has a way to make a typically easy job hard. It's so easy to change the water pump on my 95 Cobra though. Damn.

  29. informative video. much appreciated.

  30. Thank you very much for the video sir. It really helped me out, I just finished changing my water pump.. keep up the good work!

  31. Ok folks, after having just performed this lovely task, I'm going to tell you all to only thread the steering pump bracket bolts a couple of threads only…..otherwise it's a BITCH to line up the bolts!!!!! Trust me. but everything else in his vid lesson is spot on.

  32. Lol, Ford jokes? Why are you a Mopar's mechanic in the first place? Oh yeah…

  33. I have a 93 Ford Ranger. My son drove it and it overheated when I towed the truck home it was completely out of coolant. My son told me that when he pulled it over coolant was coming out from under the truck. Later that day I put the garden hose in the radiator and watched the was pouring out from underneath the engine, is this a sign of a water pump failure?

  34. You just save me a bunch of heartache buddy! Thanks.!!

  35. Great video, made my water pump replacement possible, noting the reverse thread on the fan clutch & giving a count and location of the bolts for the power steering mounting bracket saved my sanity. I was able to use a large crescent wrench to remove the fan clutch, and I used a long screw driver placed down between the water pump pulley shaft and the bolts that hold the pulley on to lock up the pulley while breaking the fan clutch free. Thanks again.

  36. Was VERY helpful. Especially the tidbit about the temperature fan direction

  37. Perfect Video, I'm going to be helping my neighbors replacing leaking radiator and going to do water pump at the same time.
    is thermostat inside water pump or is it in separate location?

  38. MotorCity Mechanic = I thought it was your Ford Ranger on this video

  39. Could you give me a favor?….#1 could you measure your Auto transmission dipstick from the top end to the bottom end #2 from the bottom up the two lines ( low and full ) lines… I got a ford tempo V6-3L and the oil charger guy in Toronto did not put the dipstick back so I don't have it in the dipstick hole.

  40. what about the housing that's in back of he pump that's where I think my leak is

  41. so many fords broke down that because people don't know how to take care of a dam vehicle iv never had a problem with my 99 ford f150 nor my 1996 ford f150.

  42. thanks for the reply good sir.

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