1994-1997 Honda Accord Thermostat substitute

1996 Honda Accord thermostat remove and install Tools: 1/4 ratchet 3/8 ratchet 3″ 1/4 …


  1. @ 5:03 Homer Simpson cameo. Seriously though, great instructional video. Now I feel up to doing my thermostat. Thanks dude! 👍

  2. Great video, helped me a ton when I had to replace the thermostat on my '97 odyssey.

  3. Look first off – the battery needs to be disconnected before you do this so that the computer can reset itself. Secondly, thanks for going off camera after removing the part. Viewers please note that the rubber seal does not go in front or in back of the thermostat, it needs to be inserted into the seal before reinstalling. If you're going to do step by step video, stop skipping steps!!!!

  4. My car does not read any temperature, how do I know if it's this or temperature sensor?

  5. Every time i drive my car for a while and turn it off it wont turn back on unless i hit the starter but that doesnt always work and when it doesnt i let the car cool down for a while and then it starts right back up. What could it be??

  6. I believe I have a coolant leak around the area of the thermostat in a '95 accord LX so will changing out the thermostat help with that leak and stop it? Maybe it's the tubing that the coolant runs through?

  7. Im loving the write-up, but please, for fucks sake, disconnect and remove your battery before you start anything

  8. I know this is an old video but I'm trying to fix my Accord. Replaced the radiator yesterday. Put coolant in. Made sure the resevior was full. Let the car run. But when I drove the car for not even 5 minutes the car started running hot. I'm not sure if maybe I didn't burp the radiator well enough. Or if it's the thermostat. I have a 97 4 cyl will the housing for the thermostat be in the same spot as this 96?

  9. Hey a question have replace everything but the water pump. And radiator but car still keeps heating up if I'm sitting at a red light to temperature goes up I press on the gas the temperature goes down as long as I'm going cars cooling off but as soon as the car is at idle the temperature shoots up anybody know a fix

  10. Is this Honda a V6 or a V4…..???

  11. Thanks a lot for the video I'll change mine too

  12. Excellent video, very clear and the steps are well explained, many thanks!

  13. ours is a honda accord v6 and accord v6's are rare

  14. so i have a 94 accord EX and both radiator fans aren't turning on. the fuse is still good so im starting to think its the thermostat. how would i know for sure that my thermostat isnt working? the needle on the temperature guage seems to work but never gets above half-way, but my engine feels way warmer than normal and my fans dont turn on. yesterday, i was replacing a coolant hose so i tried to burp the radiator to get all the air out. i expected a lot of bubbles to come up into the funnel but only a few small ones did and thats when i realized my fans werent working. any advice?

  15. how much of a pain in the butt will it be if I don't remove the distributor..? I do not want to remove mine

  16. One of the most clear and complete videos i have seen. I have to determine if my thermostat is bad, or the sending unit, but now I know how to change out the t-stat. Thanks

  17. $0.02 = comment: you're asking for a face full of acid and lead when you decide to store your 10" extension on your battery like that.

  18. thanks you so much i did it but still likes

  19. great video but i have a question, i started my 92 Honda up this morning and it immediately started to overheat, not sure why it didn't before and when i opened the Hood i still had coolant but my top hose was hot when the others where cool? could that be my thermostat?

  20. So, my car overheats when I blast the AC on level 3 & 4, sometimes 2. I can have it on 1 and it'll be fine. I just recently tinted my windows dark so it helps keep the hot ass Arizona sun out lol you think it might be the thermostat? Or what might it be? Thanks in advance

  21. I got problems with my accelerator pedal ? I struggling to speed up? Any advice to fix it?

  22. thank you very informative

  23. Very helpful, thanks. But when I popped the fan switch off with the screwdriver, I think it broke off more than expected. After removing the plug, all I saw were two prongs sticking up with no circular housing around it. Now the plug just rests on the prongs, but not snap tight. Will this be okay as long as the fans work, or does the fan switch now need to be replaced? – Thx!

  24. Hi. I live in Puerto Rico and here its very regular to remove the thermostat and no place a new one. It's this ok? Whats the Pros and cons? Thank you…

  25. How many ther stat does it have?

  26. Just what i needed, Thanks!

  27. Nice video and very helpful.

  28. hi about thee distributor, I have a honda 95 and it is leaking by the cap, if change only external O ring solve the problem?

  29. Muy buenos resultados en todos los ejemplos

  30. Great video man, much love and respect!!!

  31. Great video and actually correctly labeled title! I hope to find more videos from you for my 94 accord coupe. Thanks again!

  32. THis guy needs to get his fat but usefull head out of the way

  33. How long does it take a mechanic to complete this job? I'm getting an estimate from a shop of 3 hours labor.

  34. Awesome video.  Is that an OEM Honda Thermostat or is it an aftermarket brand?  What brand and temp rating is it?  For example, I see at Advanced that they have 170, 180, 190, 195 degrees thermostats that all fit my 1995 Accord??? Which one should I buy??? Thanks.

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